They Ski and Shoot .22s, So They Must Be Experts On Gun Culture

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Pictured: Norway’s Biathlon Bronze medalist and apparent expert on America’s “gun culture,”  Tiril Eckhoff.

USA Today interviewed some European biathletes to get their take on the Parkland school shooting. Coming from nations that don’t allow their citizens the right to defend themselves with a firearm, the athletes gave the national paper gun control and anti-Trump gold.  Here




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  1. I don’t ski anymore. Haven’t for years…..I can still walk fairly mediocre so I’m an asphalt biathlete….dirt, mud, etc….

  2. Who really gives (or should give) a flying f**k what these euroweenies think? Our “savage” gun culture helped save their sorry asses just a few – and obviously forgotten – decades ago! And who might they be asking for help in not too many years when the musloids have them on their knees? Unless, of course they want to be slaves and chattel.

    More proof, I guess, that no good deed goes unpunished.

  3. Well, they are a product of Socialism. Invite them over and let them shoot a three gun match. Or an IDPA pistol match. Hell let’s seem shoot the El Presedente.

  4. @Jon:

    It will start with AR-15’s and by the time they’re done we won’t be able to own a squirt gun legally.


    Passing a law against something doesn’t actually stop it, now, does it?

  5. OT
    I know there’s some Nascar freaks here. How bad ass was it to see the number 3 back in the winners circle. First Trump wins, now this. It’s a good omen.

  6. I guess she forgot about the 2011 mass murder of 77 people and the wounding of another 110 in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik. The attack on the youth camp were responsible for 69 of the murders with the vast majority children between the ages of 14 and 19. So maybe Nowegians (who by the way also pick Nobel Prize winners, remember Obama winning the Peace Prize) ought to shut up about crazed murders.

  7. Nobody seems to complain about the high murder rate in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, San Fracisco, etc where guns are already ‘banned’

  8. My ancestors left Europe starting more than 400 years ago to get away from assholes like them. They can live as unarmed subjects, but their opinion means nothing to this armed citizen.

    And what we got is more body bags, and more restrictive legislation for the law-abiding.

    Time to try, THE CONSTITUTIONAL WAY, since it IS our right and all.
    One scumbag is met with 20 barrels and is dead.

    Ask the American police if they feel good about going on patrol from now on without any firearms. Whatever their answer is, is the same answer for citizens.

  10. I snow sledded, hunted with 22’s and had fun at 9 years old. They can go fuck themselves.

    Medal? Double get fucked. You gonna need a bigger gun for muzzies blondie.

  11. BB it was great to see # 3 in the winners circle again, and number 43 in second.
    The stupid is strong with these folks with guns and skis.
    Sad to say but I bet she will wish she has one when she is grabbed by a group of her new friends the moselms.

  12. Geoff
    We’ve were always a big time NASCAR family. Until Dale Senior wrecked and died. This might get us going again. Brought a tear to my eye. Like better days. Besides, time Childress gets a break.

  13. Geoff

    By the way, a couple years ago I did the Petty two day School/Experience at Fontana. What a great time. Especially hanging out with the Red Neck Crew. I’m a good sized guy and every time I crawl through the window it looked like a Bugs Bunny Cartoon. A couple of those assholes would run over and start pushing me into the car (jamming on the helmet, and Hans device). Finally crawled out on the end of day one with a smile on my face and said “OK fuckers, we need to get a few things sorted out here”. They all immediately started laughing, which was an admission of fowl play and fun with the tourists. A great time.

  14. OMFG?!… Really?… “Trump’s gun policy?”… It’s been in the fucking US constitution for 235 fucking years. Are we a nation of complete fucking retards now?

  15. We are quickly being overwhelmed by a large group of people I call “The Stupids”, Mule. It’s not going to get better until it gets worse.

  16. BTW, it was cool seeing the 3 car in victory lane at Daytona. It’s unfortunate that Silver Spoons Dillon had to run over Almirola to get there, IMO.

  17. Yep – it’s tough to defend yourself there in Scandinavia. You’ve just gotta bend over and take that mohammedan goat-humper in your pooper, because your ALL-benevolent, ALL-knowing, ALL-wise gummint, has decided it’s IN your BEST interest. AND theirs. 😳

    Ya’ know… the NORMAL human reaction, is to have a REVOLUTION against such tyranny. 😡 Unless of course, you’re just a Eurotrash candyass… :wimp:

  18. The history of British and northern eurofags begging for our American sportsmans guns after the Nazis attacked them is not in question. Screw the bastards opinion.

  19. Tell me again what part pf Europe she’s from? The part who’s A&&es we saved or the part who’s A&&es we kicked?

    Let me know how that muslime invasion works out for ya honey.

  20. @💥 Mithrandir 💥 February 18, 2018 at 11:13 pm



    The communalists’ way, IS the Constitutional way.
    (Unless you’re claiming The Constitution has been overthrown. In which case, there’s no CONSTITUTIONAL way to bring it back from the dead. Not that there’d be any point, if it’s already proven itself a failure.)


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