They think you’re a joke

Running again, because it’s so powerful.

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  1. I’m thinking we’re a joke that’s not all that funny. The ‘credulous’ people they are referring to are the ones elected Trump. We supplied these latte drinkers with their worst nightmare.

    And we revel in their wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  2. These three shit eating asshole licking faggots wouldn’t know that it is an unhealthy practice to ingest human excrement if there were tattoo of a piece of shit and circle with a line drawn through it on their buddy’s but cheek

  3. The Alinksy way of projecting, turning it on us because one of THEIRS didn’t know where Ukraine is. They never addressed their own ignorance. Notice how quickly Geo. S. smiles again after the cut gesture–they are all actors FAKE NEWS

  4. I remember how thoroughly demoralized I felt after oblowme was elected for the second time. I’ve come to think Conservatives look within for answers to their failures. Looking back, we now know that vote fraud played a big role in his reelection–more than was involved even in his primary “victory”, among the Democrat party (ballot changes, vote reallocations, and secret, party rules changes that favored him over Killery). In contrast, the Left — ever the arrogant, un-self-aware cretins that they are — will totally lose whatever shred of civility they claim to possess when we deliver another Trump term come November. Brace yourselves. My hope is that by then the Left will have become so completely unhinged there will be no question but that they are a menace to society at large and that most Americans will realize the Left’s agenda for what it is and how damaging it is to a fully functioning and healthy American culture and society.

  5. If ya aks me thems the stupidest dummies cause they is plane ignorant! Why would anyone with a brand spell ukrane with a U and a krane?

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