They think you’re a joke

GOP Runs new ad.

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  1. Not gonna get pissed, just gonna get even.

    They WILL be crying come this time of night on November 5th, 2020.

    We must stand guard to our POTUS against these over educated elitist ignorant pricks.

    I say ignorant because they do not ‘know’ us but WE know THEM.

  2. Can’t wait to see some CNN infoidiot try to interview a line of Trump supporters waiting to go into one of his rallies. That should be something.

  3. Have I got time (if I start right now) to get any kind of psychology degree so that I can legally counsel people by 2020?
    There is Buku dollars to be made in grief counseling of libtards after the Landslide

  4. What the hell is wrong with people that still watch network news? I wont call it mainstream because if this is mainstream then we, as a country, are screwed.

  5. Laugh now, repent at leisure assholes. Lemon better hope one of the “rubes” he laughed at doesn’t punch him in his c*ck holster.

  6. Does Rick Wilson think he will ever be hired as a “Republican Strategist” ever again? (He is the one on the right making the U crane slur) – I guarantee any R candidate that I find out is employing him will get a number of choice words from me. Maybe he thinks he can catch on as the CNN resident comic

  7. Wonder if these three will all be hiding in the same bunker if they are ever successful in starting the war they so desire?

  8. CNN does not think nor do their viewers. I would like to see them try walking this back but I would have to watch them. Won’t happen. On a side note, I have lunch once a week on the day I do pick ups and deliveries for work. I no longer see CNN on the televisions. They’re dying! Almost always FOX news or sports.

  9. a new category of news ?
    news comedy ?
    I wish I was heckler in the audience

    i’d like to see any of them point out iran or ukraine on an unlabeled map

    I be they would have trouble even getting them in the right hemisphere

  10. They call those who support DJT uneducated, but they are going to support Bernie when he gets the nomination? Are they uneducated about the effects of socialism? The destruction of the economy? What open borders will do to the USA? Who are the uneducated ones then?

  11. The democraps are the ones who are the real joke. Come election day they won’t be laughing, we will at their stupidity of trying to foist a bunch of commies and other losers on us to become President. They just don’t get it, we do and can see the writing on the wall if somehow God forbid they reassume power over us.

  12. Laugh it up, Don “sniff my fingers” Lemon because the only thing that you ARE able to control right now- laughter. Hysterical, delusional laughter. You can’t control anything else.

    Not the voters, not the country, and CERTAINLY not yourself. ;b


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