They’re All Communists Now

The NBA bowing down and kissing commie feet.

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  1. Yet they continue to be highly popular among their American fans, with only a few willing to leave them as fans no matter how much American they become.

  2. The communists murdered TEN times more people than the nazis in the 20th century.

    So why is it ok for people to wear che or hammer and sicl shirts?

    The scuzz of this country think they can label people nazis and then they deserve a beatdown.
    All while the scuzzies are wearing commie shirts.

  3. Eff the NBA. I bet all the players stand up like good boys when “March of the Volunteers” is played. Wouldn’t want to be thrown off the Globetrotter gravy train.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of them were taking a knee during our national anthem. Assuming the Chicoms even play it.

  4. First the NFL now the NBA.
    If this keeps up, pro ball players are gonna have to drive an Uber, just to make ends meet.
    If they relied on me, they already would.
    Panem et circenses, not working well anymore.
    Explain to me why solons spend millions on arenas?
    Yeah, rhetorical.

  5. I’ve never watched basketball nor had any interest in it. Mao would be proud that it only took a threat to the money of the already some of the most highest paid athletes in the world to have them bow down and scrape out an apology. What an example to those brave souls in Hong Kong.

  6. tim cock, apple, gurgle, fartbook, and the whole of sillycone valley are all bending over, grabbing their ankles and taking like the micro dosing cowardly non-binary rabid homos their all are to appease their chinese masters for the love of money.
    Mmmmm. money.
    Oohhhhh, it’s glorious.

  7. i have absolutely zero interest in pro-Bball. The nba took a decent game and destroyed it. Now what will college and HS teams do? How can they show their support for them? They cant kneel because thats passe’, how will they support the nba’s chinese overlords? Wave chinese flags? Wear red?


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