They’re Going to “Rock Your Sh**”

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  1. Black Lives only Matter when Democrats fear the result of an election.

    All Lives Matter. All the time. Unless you are a politician.

    My Life Matters, at least to me. Defending that right is my Right.

    Merit and Performance are what is meant by “pursuit of happiness”.

    Get real, people. Liberalism is a Marxist/Socialist/AntiAmerican/Excuse for being incompetent, lazy, selfish, ignorant, angry, and stupid.

    “rocking my sh**” is one sure way to meet Jesus if that is your gamble.
    Playing the game isn’t free of risk. Challenge that at your peril

  2. Did you take a good look at those that appeared on this video?!?!?

    Enough said. I thank GOD every day I had what I had growing up. It seems like they didn’t. So sorry they are the future.

    God Bless us all!!

  3. I’m an old lady and I’m pretty damn sure I could take every one of them with one hand tied behind my back. I might wear a mask, goggles and gloves though because they look like their blood is diseased.

  4. *Note to self*
    Don’t forget to carry the leatherman while out amongst these pukes… it’s quite satisfying to remove their nose hardware, slowly.

  5. Revenge of the nerds. None of them are more than 110 lbs dripping wet.
    Even an old fart like me can handle them, and not break a sweat.
    Put them over your knee and spank them….LOL

  6. I does make me think. It makes me think ‘How did they earn the money to pay for all that makeup and accessories and surgeries?’
    And then I realize the most likely answer: Mommy and Daddy paid for it, and are trying to get them into counseling.

  7. It looks like someone cancelled the latest Satanic Seance and had everyone make a video. Greyscape is looking for a date for Friday night, but I’m sure all these lovelies are booked.

  8. Wait! What? What are they saying? Done with blm? Ready to fight the commies? I don’t understand……….

  9. I have to agree with @Old Racist White Woman. None of those that appear in this video (notice they are all ugly white people?) look like they could actually stand up to a 20 mph wind. Go ahead and try to “rock my s***”. We will see who is still standing at the end. Oh, and bring your friends to videotape it so all of my friends can have a good laugh.

  10. Nihilism personified. They have a life that they think is meaningless. It’s obvious by the way they dress or all the piercings. This is a way to make them feel as if there is something transcendent about their life. This isn’t about BLM, it’s about their search for meaning in their worthless life.

  11. Come on Roger, play along. Keep your hands in your pockets and when one of these Pixies finally throw a punch, just tilt your head. Let em bounce those tender knucks off the crown of your knoggin. You won’t even feel it. However they will in spades. Ah shit, I am a racist.

  12. Greyscape dead? No way! 🙁

    I did see his face Monday morning on a slice of toast, but I thought he was just channeling me.

  13. Furries, pagans, and feminists oh my!
    Furries and pagans n feminists oh myy!

    (The embodiment of pretty much any leftist I have encountered on the internet since I wAS 15) …OH MYYY!

  14. Will the owners of these creatures please cut your balls off so it doesn’t happen again!

  15. @>Left Coast Dan

    Some day mommy & Daddy are going to move away from these rejects and not leave a forwarding address.

  16. So … that’s just one … uhh … person in different guises?
    Or what? Little hands making little fists? Soft, small hands – the kind you wish your prostate examiner had?
    Scary like a blind kitten?

    Maybe I’se jus too old to be ascairt.

    “I don’t say BLM no mo – see this Colt 1911 (1991 A1)? It gonna rock yo shit!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Then expect to find out what getting your Shit Rocked really means. With real rocks, and you’ll shit just before you pass out.

  18. If these people are attempting to send a message of intimidation, they have certainly missed their mark. Looks like a group of 4-year olds playing dress up. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  19. Took an awful lot for me to make it through that one to the end.

    Did confirm what times we are currently living in…

    And that’s all I have to “say” about that.

    Sweet meteor of death please come soon.

  20. All lives matter. There. I said it. Come rock my shit you Kool-Aid hair colored, non-binary mentally disturbed freaks of nature.

  21. Somebody’s daddy didn’t give her any attention growing up. These poor freaks are so mentally ill.

  22. So I couldn’t get through more then the first 5 and seems the theme is these are completely unemployable miscreants that have completely detached from reality.

  23. Hmm. Looks like all I have to do is stick my arm out and put my hand on their chest or head and let them flail.

    Maybe eat a sandwich with my other hand or get out my phone and record the comedy show in progress.


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