They’re kidding, right?

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  1. For years we are told to think outside the box –
    to color outside the lines.
    Now all of a sudden the parking nazis are out to destroy our lives.
    What is it with people and having to live (or park) within the confines of defined “walls”.
    These are the same people who think we should have open borders, there should be no law enforcement, but God forbid you take up two parking spots.

  2. – You always want to take more of my hard earned money. You must be a Democrat.
    – You claim that tax cuts allowing me to keep more of my money is stealing from the government. You must be a Democrat.
    – You think that an unborn baby is nothing but a blob of cells that have no value. You must be a Democrat.
    – You always think that the rich at some point have made enough money, unless you are that rich person or Barack Obama, then you keep it. You must be a Democrat.
    – You want Congress to raise taxes on the rich, but as one of the rich you are unwilling to just pay more voluntarily and leave everyone else to live their life as they see fit. You must be a Democrat.

    Man, I could do this all night.

  3. Might be an old person.It gets real
    hard to drive and park.The neck does
    not bent & turn like it usta…

  4. A drunken Bison ! Dam,that critter
    could head butt or stomp the living
    $*** out of you or both.

  5. I always use 2 spaces, I park away from the front.
    I’m big, my truck is big, wait until you see the bat in the truck.
    I could get a disabled pass, but then, where would the news crews park?

  6. I always park far away from other cars. It just makes sense. It’s a very quick park. Less dings and angst. Plus if I am going to walk two miles in a mall, I can walk another 100 feet from my car. I always get my favorite spot…far and way from the ones who lurk up front in their SUV’s! Especially in the snow and the rain (just water!).
    Take that you frieken’ parking space monkeys! (And don’t go Jimmy-the-Greek on me! Not intended that way). I am always amazed at Christmas time when walking through the parking lot to find such anger.

  7. Like Meerkat, I always park far away from other cars and don’t mind the extra walking distance.

    Years ago, I received an email about the next time you complain about a parking spot, during the holidays, and having to park far away from the entrance…think of the person in the wheelchair that would gladly trade places with you.

  8. Being the hand writing expert I think I am, I surmise that the author drives a bike rack equipped Prius.
    Furthermore, I extrapolate the location of the parking offender to be in front of a starbucks or chipolte.

  9. I see I’m not the only one that takes up two spaces here. I park far as I can from other cars.
    It’s not that I’m so worried about my big truck as much as it has a wide door on one side that is big and I can ding your car or take up two spaces, let me know if you need me to park next to you lefty’s?

  10. Parking spots are arbitrary manifestations of the Patriarchy.
    Their whole purpose is to legitimize racism, sexism, and anti-gender-ism by confining the downtrodden masses into tiny rectangles painted on asphalt.

    We obey and self-condemn heuristically by forcing ourselves to condignigly compartmentalize and betray the Revolution.
    Power to the People!
    Cast off the Oppression of Religion and the Patriarchy to consolidate the gains of the progenitors!
    Erase Parking Spaces!

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. If said note writer had any balls, they would have waited around to tell you that in person instead of writing a note.
    Therefore, said letter-writer must be a chickenshit democrat.

  12. Republicans ARE more likely to own a limo. Were the democraps upset because it was blocking their tricycle lane? 🙄

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