They’re With Her

The Trump campaign has released a short little video clip comparing the campaign contributions to the two candidates by Wall Street hedge funds.   When Hillary says she’s for the little guy she must mean that all those Wall Street big shots are short guys, because it doesn’t make sense any other way.



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  1. Is Trump airing TV commercials in any swing states? I’m in one and I haven’t seen one pro-Trump ad but Hillary had ads all of July at all hours, every station.

  2. What a fabulous idea! Companies that donate to a political candidate are also buying advertising space on campaign vehicles, literature, web sites. For the debates, each candidate would be required to wear their sponsors like a NASCAR driver’s nomex. I love it…

  3. Ugh. Time Warner can suck a giant ….

    Hey, good job, Fur! The Hillary pic on the donation button is making me LOL.
    The necklace was too much. 😀

  4. Anonymous, if you’re a member of IHeartRadio, you can download Bill Cunningham’s Sunday Night radio show, 3hrs, broadcast over 400 stations and hear what a somewhat influential radio host in Cincinnati has seen on his TV and heard on his radio.
    NO Trump Ads whatsoever. – “… fies in every so often, gets a crowd of 10-15-18,000 then flies back to NY, Tweets once in a while.
    Non-stop Hillary Ads and the “insider” knowledge that H’s campaign has voter registration in nearly every one of almost 100 counties. And various levels of compensation for canvassers for amounts of registered citizens…
    If you can’t win Ohio, you can’t win the Presidency. not even Kasich will endorse him

    Guess he’s just going to win cause that’s what we’ve been told over and over until we believe it.

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