Thieves Steal Gas from Pumps as Prices Hit Record Highs across America – IOTW Report

Thieves Steal Gas from Pumps as Prices Hit Record Highs across America

Neon Nettle:

Thieves across the United States are stealing gas as fuel prices hit record highs, according to reports.

The criminals are physically taking gas from pumps and other vehicles or by hacking gas retailers’ networks.

Although the thieves think they are doing drivers a favor by reselling stolen gas, experts argue they are doing more harm than good.

“There is no Robin Hood in this,” Jeff Lenard, vice president of strategic industry initiatives at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), told Fox News Digital.

“These are thieves. They are not robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,” he said. more

12 Comments on Thieves Steal Gas from Pumps as Prices Hit Record Highs across America

  1. I remember in the 70s I had several locking gas caps on my cars. Most likely they are still available.

  2. Wait til they start filled up Lowe’s buckets (no lids), trash cans, and bags.

    Molotov cocktails at abortion rallies are too expensive.

  3. Virtually all new cars hav locking fuel filler doors – many have capless filler behind the door.
    If your car is outside, there’s nothing stopping thieves from tapping into bottom of fuel tank.

  4. This would’ve never happened at my dad’s Shell station back in the 60’s and 70’s and if it had we would have sicced our guard dog Chico on them and he would have torn them a new asshole.

  5. I had thieves cut the hose from the fill neck to the tank. When I tried to more gas in it, it ran out on my foot. I had a friend flare a piece of exhaust pipe so it fit over the hose. One clamp went on, slide the cover on, second clamp buried in JB weld.
    I was kind of hoping they would try to cut it with a sawzall. Sparks + gas fumes, what could go wrong.

    If crime is on the rise, democrats are rejoicing.

  6. With rhe cap less fillers, a crack sets off the same warning you get if you don’t tighten cap. It is a hard plastic filler tube. We had that happen on late model Honda. Fortunately, under warranty so no charge.

  7. There are lockable gas caps available for newer-model Fords (I have several designed without a gas cap) and other makes and can be found on Amazon. Lost several tank loads in both cars until I wised up when discovering a half tank the morning after a fill up.

    But, they did not stop there until they stole my license plate later on. Next step: Amazon again. There are license plate screws that can only be turned with a special screw driver. Just don’t lose that screwdriver.


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