Things Heated Up In House Climate Change Hearings


The democrat controlled house held two committee hearings yesterday, both of which focused exclusively on the future perils in store for us all if we don’t allow the legislators to destroy our economy today. The Committee on Natural Resources was harangued by a procession of activists who argued for and against our fossil fuel based industrial base (including members of the self described “Hip Hop Caucus)”. For some reason, 12 years to the end of times kept coming up, though none gave a scientific explanation for why our environmental clock runs out in 2031.

The Committee on Energy and Commerce was likewise treated to predictions of doom and gloom (with the approaching climpocalypse being a mere 12 years in our future). As an added bonus this committee heard from a climate scientist who informed lawmakers that the recent polar vortex that struck the Midwest last week was caused by climate change, thus equating weather with climate. More 


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  1. So, exactly when did the 12-year clock start? It would help to know, just in case I want to make a major purchase….

  2. So… we can expect an actual Declaration of War? From Congress? Pounding to rubble (and then making the rubble bounce, just to be sure) every fossil fuel plant in China? And India? And Africa?

  3. “Climate Change” hearings?

    What’s next on the agenda? “Leprechaun” and “Unicorn” hearings?
    We’re paying these fucking fools for this shit?
    Oh … guess they’re not the fools, are they?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. @Irate Nate February 7, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    > So, exactly when did the 12-year clock start? It would help to know, just in case I want to make a major purchase….

    Jimmy Carter. 1977. Just throw those “past due” notices in the recycling.

  5. Humans seemed to have screwed the world up over the years, so it would be a better world overall if we disappeared into the dust.

  6. In matters of complicated science, there is no group I trust more than a bunch of politicians in Congress. Although their expertise seems to consist exclusively of getting elected and framing sound bites for television cameras, I see no reason to doubt their ability to grasp immense scientific issues while proposing potentially devastating yet ineffective solutions to perceived problems actual scientists don’t fully understand and whose predictions have been – so far – spectacularly wrong.

    Besides, I don’t want to be categorized as a dissenter although I do hate humanity and the earth. But I am fully confident that our progressive politicians can cause far more death and destruction with their proposed solutions, so there is no need to be a dissenter to fulfill my disdain for humanity.

  7. Why does the left never talk about doing something about China and its contribution to the “climate change” they are so worried about?

  8. Why does the left never talk about doing something about Al Gore’s personal lifestyle and its contribution to the “climate change” they are so worried about?!

  9. I have 2 solutions for 2 issues of today.
    The wall: Take the anti-wall politician dopes on a field trip to the outside of any government building in D.C., go to the side of the building where there aren’t any doors. Then tell them to go in through the wall.

    Climate change: Make them account for all the climate changes over hundreds of years before we had Al Gore and the rest of the sheep blaming mankind for it.

    Oh, yeah. One more thing. If it’s time for the climate to change, there is nothing Gore, science, big money, politicians and the entire population of the earth can do about it.

  10. If the planet’s temps will rise, shouldn’t Al Gore consider losing weight so he doesn’t suffer disproportionately?

    (or is he holding in all his own CO2?)

  11. While congress is at it, the “Green New Deal” bill needs to include a mandate for developing anti-gravity technology. Finally we get the flying (electric) cars!

  12. According to these democrats we’ll all be in blackface in 12 years, more as a extra strength sunscreen than a racial commentary.

  13. FTA: Utah Rep. Rob Bishop, the committee’s ranking Republican, also wondered why the committee held a hearing on an issue outside its jurisdiction.

    Good question congressman. Because today, the committee is holding a lengthy 2-panel hrg on….. Trump’s dastardly separation of UAC children at the border. WTH does a committee tasked with legislating energy OR commerce policies, have to do with immigration?

    I guess this committee, now lead by democrats, not to be outdone by the other House committees focused solely on “get Trump”, wants in on the action.

  14. Agreed, Rotty. These people are nutz. Also, redundant. 2000, 2001, 2012, 2015 and now 2030. Although this new date of 2030 has the backing of the 7th Day Adventists.

    All I can tell you is that there is property in my town that has been unsold for years. It has 2 houses on it. One is a modest single story. The other is a 2 story gingerbread house. It’s completely hollow inside.

    The guy who owned the property was sure the world was gonna’ end in the year 2000. So he ran up his credit cards, built a fake house and stocked it full of end of the world supplies.

    Wow. Wish I could of seen the look on his face January 2nd 2001.

    So if you’re looking to move, I know a great place with about 5 thousand cubic feet of storage.


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