Things Mike Bloomberg Could’ve Spent $200 Million On Instead Of His Pointless Campaign

The Federalist:

Former New York City Mayor and 2020 contender Mike Bloomberg has already spent $200 million on his campaign in advertisements alone. Bloomberg has been in the 2020 race for only about seven weeks, but his ad buys have almost surpassed the rest of the 2020 field combined.

According to Advertising Analytics, Bloomberg has spent $20o million, while the rest of the 2020 Democratic field has spent $222 million combined.

While Bloomberg is polling in fifth place at 5.8 percent nationally, he is not competing in any of the early primary states and has yet to meet the DNC’s threshold for the seventh round of Democratic debates. He may have been a viable candidate had he entered the 2020 race earlier, but it appears, it’s too late for Bloomberg.

Since Bloomberg’s campaign has become pointless in the long haul, we’ve thought of five ways Bloomberg could have better spent his $200 million.

1. 133 Million Big Gulps

During his tenure as New York City’s mayor, Bloomberg banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, forcing New Yorkers to say goodbye to their “Big Gulp” beverages. To apologize for taking away sugary goodness from New York City, Bloomberg should spend his next $200 million on 133 million Big Gulps.

2. Peloton Bikes for Big Gulp Consumers

In the spirit of good health and the notoriously laughable Peloton advertisement, Bloomberg could have bought a fleet of 89,086 Peloton bikes for Big Gulp consumers. Bloomberg could open a whole chain of cycling studios, which would likely be better for Americans than his presidential campaign. READ MORE

19 Comments on Things Mike Bloomberg Could’ve Spent $200 Million On Instead Of His Pointless Campaign

  1. He’s spending lots of money on Virginia as well, heard a politician saying this morning that he didn’t influence the gun laws they brought to the table…

    Which of course means he did.

  2. Some people have more money than brains and come upon it by dumb luck rather than initiative. That definitely applies here.

  3. He’s not running to win. He’s running to circumvent the contribution limits to campaigns by spending his own money to criticize Trump so the other candidates dont have to.

  4. I’m glad he is spending his money to recruit voters for Trump. The more he criticizes, the more votes for President Trump.

  5. Is there any chance that every company he is paying for campaign activities are his companies?

  6. $200,000,000

    could have paid off a LOT of student loans for desperate students, given inventors seed money, paid off a lot of projects and ideas on GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

    But NAH! Just give it all away to the media and advertising for losing adventurism.


  7. People who are waiting on surgery. poor or other wise.
    Instead, he spends it on bullshit ads because he’s bored.
    In his next life, I hope he’s a bus stop bench in the ghetto.

  8. Veritas is releasing a video in which Bloomberg asks Prince Harry for a job as a barstool in their new flat.

  9. He and Steyer could maybe start a business. Like a health insurance company that purposely keeps rates down and that people can voluntarily buy into.
    Or they could start a franchise business for healthcare. Sort of like Aspen Dental.
    Or they could buy and island and go there and be quiet or maybe import all those “asylum seekers” they seem so anxious to give a place to live.


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