Things That Didn’t Suck in 2020

2020 will probably go down in history as a particularly bad year. But it couldn’t have been all bad.

PHenry has a a great idea for an upbeat post –

Tell us some good things that happened to you this year…. if possible…

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  1. Turdeau’s Wife!

    Secretly separated and living apart.
    Even she could not stand the Bastard Son of Fidel with brain damage from all the cock blows he took to the head while his Momma was whoring it up in 70’s NYC & Europe.

  2. I’m a pretty optimistic guy, and as shitty as 2020 was, there was plenty of good things that went on. My kids and grandkids are all doing well, my health is getting better, my wife still loves me, and business was good. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.

  3. Our youngest has been dealing with Idiopathic condylar resorption, which means her lower jaws have been deteriorating, for the last 10 years. It finally stopped to the point she was able to get her long awaited jaw replacement surgery in December. Best Christmas present I ever got.

  4. The discovery of friends and family that don’t have a f’ing clue what is really going on in the world.
    Maybe not the best thing, but I find it funny.

  5. Whatshisface
    JANUARY 1, 2021 AT 11:19 AM

    God Bless you, my son had mandibular surgery last year, it was a tough row to hoe but worth it in the end, may the Lord strengthen you and heal your daughter quickly and touch her to keep her out of pain.

  6. Retired in June. Worked from home the 3 months prior. Paid off our land in the hills and put a beautiful camper on it. IRA did great! All of our family members are healthy. We have a great home brimming over with love. We live in a state that remained free of lockdowns and quarantines. Lots of great times and laughter on IOTW and Patriot Retort!

  7. I made a secret trip last January to Ohio to surprise my Dad on his 90th birthday -with the help of my BFF and her hubby. The plan was executed perfectly. Forever memories…

  8. Son got married. In Minnesota. We all got to attend WITHOUT masks! So many blessings this year. God is still in charge and all will be right in the end.

  9. BAMO
    JANUARY 1, 2021 AT 11:46 AM

    “As of Christmas eve (our anniversary), Mrs. BAMO (a.k.a. “Wife”) still hasn’t wised up after 18 years!!!”

    …Went out to dinner at a German restaurant last night and had a nice steak dinner while reminiscing about how I proposed to her on a New Year’s Eve 29 years ago.

    …yea, I don’t get it either…

  10. I had WuFlu in late Nov. which led to pneumonia & a week’s stay in hospital. Recovered in time to play with our worship band for our church’s Christmas Eve service. Wife (another dumb one – lol) and I celebrated 20 years in April, the same day our youngest grandchild was born. And God is still good.

  11. I walk more now and it really does destress you! It helped me lose 15 pounds with 15 to go because I had more time to do a health reevaluation to hopefully live long enough to see my children live happier lives..

  12. Nothing until yesterday. Shopped around and got my car insurance dropped from 2500.00 a year to 844.00. I’m thrilled.🤗 Still nowhere to go though.

  13. BAMO
    JANUARY 1, 2021 AT 12:10 PM

    Congratulations (on finding another of the “dumb” ones)!!!”

    …well, I wanted to keep this thread uplifting, but since you put it that way, now I need to make all the gals on the thread hate me…

    …one day in the Garden before the Fall, Adam is talking to God about Eve.

    “God, why did you make Woman so beautiful and curvy and desirable?”

    “SO YOU WOULD LIKE HER”, God pronounced .

    “But God, why did you make Woman so ditzy?”

    “SO SHE WOULD LIKE YOU”, God thundered…


  14. We took a road trip to Mount Rushmore, from NY, and met FIVE IOTWr’s along the way and back.

    PHenry was ONE of them, it was only for twenty minutes, but that is all that was needed to make First Contact.

    Memories forever, for me AND the crew…

    Looking forward to maybe another trip this year? Probably not THAT far though…

    MHatch got a great new job after being out for ten months.

    I went back to work part time for an old carpentry boss after reduced hours at my regular place. Re-uniting with this guy after not working for him for 27 years ago?! Talk about a ‘circle of life’. Very humbling shit…and we are GRATEFUL to God for all of it, above.

    So we did have things, ‘that didn’t suck’

  15. My parents (90 and 87) do not live in a nursing home, so I have gotten to see them regularly. A young couple of friends of ours were finally able to get married (long story) and have a baby on the way. My ninth grandchild was born and she’s precious, (as are the other eight.) We still have a home and food and God is good. So I really have nothing to complain about and much to be thankful for.

  16. My generator got installed before the “storm” hits.
    They’re not going to go quietly, folks…and I’m not waiting until some Antifa asswipe blows up a grid.
    I’d also suggest stocking up on survival food and water.
    Happy new year to everyone!
    May the storm render them all helpless. 👍

  17. For me, so many good things that you take for granted continued through 2020 without interruption. Only one major car repair, only one moderate home repair, and no health emergencies.
    And…my Mom had her 100th birthday! We had a small party for her and only broke a few kungflu ordinances.

  18. A beautiful grand niece born in March. I have not been able to meet her yet (she’s 6,000 miles away). But I’m grateful that I get to see her and her parents on facetime. Happy New Year to all!

  19. Very successful hip replacement.
    I met a really good friend.
    Made some changes to my prayer life.
    Drew closer to Jesus.

  20. Retired in 2002, still alive, still married to a really confused wonderful lady, had our 57th anniversary 12/30, sons are all well and grandchildren thriving, will be 80 in 40 days if I make it. I wouldn’t share word these blessings with any (d) – they’d want to spoil it – but happy to with this fantastic family

  21. The best thing for me in 2020 has been the renewed awareness of how very blessed I am.
    I became braver the longer this lasted — I do not fear death, what others think, or even the results of this election because I have become better friends with my Savior through these months of “different”.
    I have become more grateful for all that I have and the friends and relatives who love me.

  22. I made an emergency trip to Nevada to see Mom on the day after Election Day, who was on deaths door. It’s a long story, but I witnessed something of a miracle. She’s still with us.

  23. More time with hubby/business partner and less (almost none!) on the road chasing projects. Everyone seemed to get more efficient about work and more appreciative of time at home and good health. It has made me very grateful for where and how we live: on a few acres at the edge of a small town, with the cell numbers of our pastor, our doctors, and our banker, running a small business with a few capable and likeable employees and a loyal clientele. Plus, I found time to read a few good books.

  24. After fuming and complaining about the quarantine , I picked up that book I always meant to read, finished it and moved on the another. And another.
    I quit watching ‘cable news’ and found so many interesting channels to view – from the ‘Weather Channel’ to documentaries to old movies I didn’t remember.
    I found a peace inside me. That was the good thing.

  25. I learned how very much God and DH of 50+++ years and our kids, their spouses and grandkids loves me. God et me hang in here long enough to try to forgive those who I need to forgive, and pray that those who I wronged would forgive me.

  26. MJA, “Don’t think I’ll be putting up with much shit this year.” That’s funny, I wish I’d said that.

  27. I had the WuFlu in mid October, and came through unscathed. How did I know? My sense of smell and taste were “off”. And other then tired for a couple of weeks, that was it. For that, and not ending up in the hospital, I am thankful.

  28. It ain’t 2020 any more – and it never will be, again!
    That’s about the best I can say for it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  29. What really didn’t suck for us was that for family and friends things were uneventful. Nobody got the Reichstag Firus nor any other disease. Nobody died. We didn’t have any hurricanes roll through. All those are simply not-negatives. On a positive note, our governor DeSantis has turned out to be even better than I’d hoped when he beat that nasty guy whats-his-name, Gollum or something like that.

  30. My 94 yr old mother got her vaccine in the Nursing home Tuesday & is scheduled for the 2nd in 3 weeks. So far so good. Depending on when the rest of us, her kids, can get it, maybe we can see her in 2021.

    Oh, and Rush is still with us!

  31. Found out mechanics are essential personnel, so no financial issues.
    Household 6 still hasn’t gotten fed up with me, we celebrated 28 years on a life sentence last night.

  32. Ghost told you we did the road trip and met great IOTW’rs on the way. Amazing experience, I will never forget. It was a wonderful time and OK, I didn’t have a job and it was the only time we could do this. We did and when we got back, I landed a great position and am so happy. Health, Safety and happiest is what I pray for every day!!!

    God Bless us all!


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