Things You Didn’t Know About Washington DC

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  1. 27. Washington, D.C. was originally laid out as 100 square miles bisecting Maryland and Virginia. It was decided that they didn’t need the VA portion & ceded it back, creating the present 69 square mile swatch carved out of MD.

    (I say, they want ‘representation’? … leave the federal enclave & go back to MD; it’s another hopeless libtard ‘utopia’ anyway)

  2. 28. In the original 100 sq. mile layout of DC, the White House was at the center of the square (the square is tilted on a north/south axis on the map) & the National Mall bisected the North/South boundary of DC

  3. Oh wow, District of Columbia is named after Columbus? Thanks for the info, Captain Obvious!

    True story: In India we were getting a locally produced travel book for DC and in some weather section (under “conditions” or whatever) it had a warning about August in DC: “It can be grippingly hot; be forewarned.”

  4. DC is actually a very cool place to visit. Lots of Christian heritage everywhere. On the Washington monument, in the capital, at the Supreme Court. I really want to go back while Trump is in office.

  5. 32. Washington was a 🔴FREEMASON,🔴 and the obelisk not only represents the pagan sun god, Ra, it is also part of their Egyptian roots:

    Osiris’s body was disassembled by his brother, Set. His wife, Isis, reassembles it, and the obelisk represents his missing penis.

    Posthumously, he conceives a son with her, HORUS, which represents the evil eye of Satan often seen near the capstone of a pyramid.

    Washington monument represents Osiris’s penis. But that’s the weird cultish sickness that represents Freemasonry. Why else do you suppose our first President is represented by a weird non-American Egyptian symbol?

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