Think Europe Has a Chance?

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  1. This is a moment in history that is cataclysmic and really impossible to understand. It is turning into a massive upheaval and turning point for the world. I cannot wrap my mind around it and don’t know anyone who can.

  2. An observation on Europe. I constantly see young guys around here that are broad in the shoulders and narrow in the hips. Both my sons are very athletic and so are all their friends. With all the footage available out of Europe I’ve never seen a formidable looking male. On a side note I see trucks about 6 times a month flying a Confederate flag out of the bed. Nobodies trying to stop them from doing it.

  3. Chelsea has a black half-brother whom she, her mother, or Bill will acknowledge. Start with that.


    If you don’t fight back and stack them up like cord wood like in the movie 300, the rest of the billion and 1/2 muslims will pour across the border as well. I mean, why live in sand when you can live with trees and water?

  5. I don’t know about Europe as a whole (or hole as the case may be), but I can pretty much assure you that Great Brittan is totally PHUCKED!

  6. Two items – first: the leaders of the current “uprising” have stated this is a continuation of the crusades.
    Second: the Bible tells us that in the end times people will be beheaded by the one world order/religion. And which group of people has been doing the beheading?
    Add to that the Pope making overtures with the muslims to join together for the greater good.
    Gee Wally, which way is this ultimately going to go?
    Doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to figure out when you know the One who has all the answers.

  7. Throughout History (and before History) Europe has been overrun by hordes of evil violent barbarians.

    This is the first time that Europe has been complicit, indeed the fabricator and executor, in its own demise.

    May God have mercy on the vast number of poor ignorant out-of-touch unfortunates who “go along to get along” with this charade, paying their taxes, and watching feral rat-people rape their sons and daughters, while their selected “leaders” lie to them about every-fukkin-thing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. @joe6pak July 30, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    > Picture The Crusades, with modern weapons and hundreds of millions of people.

    The Crusades were all about wilding “over there”. Rather, picture Antietam/Sharpsburg (depending on whether you’re a “glass half empty” or “glass half full” sort), with modern weapons and hundreds of millions of people. Everywhere.

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