Think you know James O’Keefe?

James O’Keefe and Gavin McInnes had a “dance off” at a sneaky secret conservative get-together. It was a REAL NEWS PARTY.

O’Keefe shocked the audience. The usual mild-mannered, soft spoken, medium energy guy showed that you can’t always peg a person based on their media persona. (Maybe he IS a pimp!)

Here’s a snippet I captured. (It’s only a tease. You should go to the link provided. The audio is also much better.)

Gavin’s dancing proves that sometimes you CAN peg a person based on their media persona. This is exactly what I would have expected—>

Here’s the full event, featuring Jim Hoft, Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes, James O’Keefe and Katie O’Malley.

If you want to jump to the dancing, and find out who won–>

Gavin McInnes @43:30

James O’Keefe @45:26

ht/ C. Steven Tucker


10 Comments on Think you know James O’Keefe?

  1. This seems like a good time to ask:

    WTH is it with guys, in public, grabbing their crotch while dancing?

    It’s gay bait? What? Rap too?

  2. Zonga
    I think it’s a black thing. They claim the white mans taken everything else from them so they need to occasionally check to see if it’s still there.

  3. Gladd I missed this event. I don’t want to know what Batman does in his spare time.

  4. Ah come on James O’Keefe, was having a good time imitating Michael Jackson, and he did a pretty good job for a white guy. Cut the guy some slack. He’s done a great service to the American people with his journalism.

  5. i think we all knew gavin dance liked that. Seems like that kinda guy. Not what i expected from Okeefe.

  6. How many freaking sites do you irrelevant right wingers have? My Gawd! I thought you all worked, at REAL jobs, to pay those taxes you constantly bitch about?

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