This Anti-Gun Operation Backfire is ahead of schedule

PATRIOT RETORT:  Yesterday I explained what I call Operation Backfire.

Whether it’s Operation Destroy Trump or or Operation Kill the Tax Bill or Operation Ban Guns, the Left always ends up with Operation Backfire.


In short, the Left’s attempts to advance any of their narratives always backfire because they push too hard and too far.

It’s inevitable, really. When you don’t rely on Truth or Facts, but instead favor hyperbole, inflammatory rhetoric and knee-jerk emotion, it’s bound to happen.

Typically, however, it takes a while for the Left’s accidental Operation Backfire to kick in.

But not so with this recent anti-gun push.

This Operation Backfire is ahead of schedule.

Now, I didn’t bother watching CNN’s Stalinesque show-trial masquerading as a “town hall.” My instincts are honed enough to know that this made-for-TV lynching of 2nd Amendment supporters would be a shameful display. So why bother suffering through it?

Instead, this morning I went onto Twitter to read through some of the things folks were tweeting out about CNN’s anti-gun diatribe.

And, I have to be honest with you, I was smiling from ear-to-ear. THERE’S MORE HERE

9 Comments on This Anti-Gun Operation Backfire is ahead of schedule

  1. I’d let my NRA membership lapse the last few years but this whole episode has pissed me off so much today I renewed.
    (I’m not much of a joiner.)

  2. Barky said he was going to train the next generation of community activists after his Presidency. Looks like he’s started on that with a vengeance.

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”–Weepy Preezy

  3. For over 100 years the left has been mostly: narrow minded bigots, liars, hate mongers, and racists. The Press (now MSM) has been far left for at least 70 years.

    57 years ago I went to a “liberal” arts college. Freshmen had to take Psychology. I learned that the term for people accusing other of being what they themselves are is “PROJECTION”. For 70 years the MSM has projected at decent, hard working Americans the MSM’s own bigotry and hate.

    By promoting the attack on Kim the PRESS is no longer projecting but clearly acting out their bigotry and narrow mindedness!

    The Press’s hate has been there for all to see for decades. To not see – what is so clear this week – is to be blind; or a hater that sees and lies about what was seen.

    Were it not for the leftists in Congress the MSM would all be bankrupt! But , hey, the taxpayers got lots of $. :Ou think I make it up ask Paul and Mitch.

  4. Axe-Wielder,

    No, God didn’t say “Thou shall not kill”. It was, “Thou shall not murder”. Protecting yourself isn’t murder.

  5. @Ronterf

    Same here in Pittsburgh. The CURE for school THREATS (BEFORE they become shooters), is to publicly HORSEWHIP said student, on the school grounds, in front of ALL their classmates. Stripped naked, and lashed 39 times in front of EVERYONE.

    THAT’LL learn them little peckerheads a lesson they won’t EVER forget. 😡

    Oh – and if the weenie parents be-otch about it, you can horsewhip them in the town square, right beside Numbnut, Jr. As can their ACLU lawyers. AND democrap CONgressman. 😡


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