This Bernie Scandal Will Make Him As Toxic As Nuclear Waste – If The Media Ever Exposes It

Guy Benson at TownHall

As someone who follows politics quite closely, I’m often fascinated when a potent piece of opposition research against a major candidate for office percolates below the radar for years, yet never quite breaks through.

Have you ever heard of ‘Sierra Blanca,’ as it relates to Bernie Sanders? Neither had I. Neither had hardly any voters, I’d wager. Well, expect that to change, sooner or later.

Tim Miller, a hardcore anti-Trump conservative, is adamantly opposed to Democrats nominating Sanders. He’s written a piece outlining a somewhat obscure episode that he anticipates would be used as a powerful cudgel to clobber Bernie in a general election. Out of pure curiosity, I clicked the link in one of his tweets, and…wow: More

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  1. I suspect that Tim Miller (and let’s not describe this guy as a “conservative” because as with most anti-Trumpers he most assuredly is not) is defusing a bomb now rather than letting Trump use it in the election (assuming that Bernie wins the nomination). By letting it out now it gives Sanders a lot of time to address the issue and tamp it down rather then having to trying to do it during the hectic and short election campaign. On the other hand maybe Bloomberg’s check has now cleared .

  2. Things like this end up making little difference (not that even a little difference isn’t significant in very closely contended events).

    The majority of people will hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe. It takes something very dramatic to get them to change that, they will just ignore or reinterpret everything so their state of mind is stable and doesn’t change.

    That’s human nature, it doesn’t change. History has demonstrated this for thousands of years.

  3. Sanders is as corrupt and full of shit as they come. He’s also very warped as a human being, and a fascist in waiting.

    He is a magnet for his kind. What we are seeing is exposure of a lot of poisonous people among our population.

    Credit those people to the freaks we are allowing to run out schools. Till we take them back, there will be more sanders.

  4. At TownHall? I’d have expected this level of thought burp from “American” (don’t laugh!) “Thinker” (well, yeah, that one… do what you gotta do).

    So, The Bern and some other Eastern Seaboard swells, got offered the “opportunity” to dump their trash far, far away. Texas, not China. But the game’s the same. And, their follow up to “How much?” was “Only that much!?”… And signed the contract, before the “rubes” could change their mind. Then the flock being fleeced by the “rubes” couldn’t get the (rich) “rubes” to stop abusing them. So they whined at the people paying the “rubes”.

    And this is The Bern’s fault… why? (Oh, and keep in mind, BDS style “They’re paying for it, so they must be punished.” is a crime against The United States’ First Amendment.)

  5. Don’t be distracted.
    Nothing will ‘bring down’ Bernie. And if he is the candidate, we need to beat this socialist movement at the Ballot Box with all the vigor we can muster.
    We must not only defeat him, we must Trounce him.
    That means getting out the vote.

  6. Anonymous FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 10:08 AM I’d have expected this level of thought burp from “American” (don’t laugh!) “Thinker”….” Obviously you’re neither.


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