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This Could Be Fun 🙃

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  1. @Benito
    NOT = TRUE

    There is a Club in Colorado
    That disproves That
    A Cruxifixer wearing kiddy club patron
    Spreading Their Love
    Did you not see That?
    Or is This not That
    Math isn’t Hard
    It’s very directional

    Anyways, enjoy. Just wanted to add to the Proofs

  2. Fnucky the fucktard keeps changing his name and claims the number zero doesn’t exist, and other mind-blowing fucktarded nonsense…

    NEWS AT 11 !

  3. People with nothing to lose are kinda the same as people with everything to lose. I’m in the former category and I hope Musk and Trump and others in the latter category know we appreciate their championing the truth for all of us while we await the inevitable donnybrook. They do keep our spirits up in the interim.

  4. Hmmm … Demonrats (nihilistic totalitarians in general) can’t stand “transparency?”
    And cockroaches scatter when the light’s turned on?

    Seems to be some connecting thread … I just can’t put my finger on it …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I’m guarded about Musk and his motives. Plenty of pictures of his mother with the Illuminati symbolism and him in some Halloween getup with satanic imagery. Then throw in his son who wants to be his daughter or vice versa and I think theyre all a bunch of kooks like so many others trying to rule the world


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