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This Couldn’t Be Seen on Social Media When They Were Censoring

A humble man leaves Fauci with nothing to say about the jab-

ht/ jd hasty

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  1. That resident has it exactly right! These Fear Pedalers are lying thru their teeth about this and for them to resort to door to door intimidation should tell everybody something ain’t right!!

  2. Wow.
    I bet They don’t show this on Fox News or msNBC.
    Just like the J6 newly released Realities

    Hey Tucker!

  3. No wonder him and that fat ass mayor moved on. They got their jabbed asses torn apart by the brother!

  4. Grease Ball WOP Motherfucker!

    (Not rassis, I’m a WOP)

    BY FAUCI’s own word in THIS VIDEO:

    600,000 / 331,900,000 = 0.0018 or 0.18 percent Flu
    if you QUAD that just for shits & giggles you STILL get 0.72% deaths


  5. The only person there that was honest with the camera rolling.

  6. How would you like to open your door and see whut he really looks like:

  7. At the end, that stupid clown Fauci makes a show of using an anti-BACTERIAL sanitizer, which don’t do shit for VIRUSES.
    Tells me all I need to know about his credentials.
    Well, that and his horrible record dating back to the 80’s

  8. Another expert know-it-all who doesn’t know jack. Hand santitzer can do has much if not more than washing hands with soap & water.
    Take your horse ivermectin & STFU.

  9. And Biden gave another $10 BILLION to Pfizer for Paxlovid.

  10. That is a smart man that confronted those fearmongers.

    He nailed it, and them.

  11. I have a 60-year-old friend who is experiencing health problems he’s never had before, including with his heart. “But of course I had the vaccine…” he said. His liberal son barred him from seeing his first grandchild unless he and his wife got the clot shot. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if I ever saw any of my grandchildren if that were a condition for visiting.

  12. @ Brown Eyed Girl MARCH 20, 2023 AT 8:41 PM

    Progressivism is all about force and coercion. Free will is anathema to the fuckers.

  13. “horse ivermectin” is even more effective than soap – you idiot, Jack.

    You just exposed yourself as agent of evil.

  14. Brown Eyed Girl MARCH 20, 2023 AT 8:41 PM

    Tomorrow I have a relative scheduled for an eight hour brain surgery for a growth discovered today after two other rare cancers and without the SNS length version… He’s all vaxed up and after they discovered the cancers the docs then said, “no more shots.”

    Day late, dollar short

    Prayers accepted and at this point that’s about all I can pray for is acceptance.

    Seen too much of this over the last three years and believe the next year or two is going to show much more of the negative consequences of the scamdemic and jab.

  15. @ Anonymous MARCH 20, 2023 AT 7:39 PM

    He deserves to die shitting in his pants while swinging from a hemp rope.

  16. And to that I say giddy up & high ho silver. I wouldn’t take that crap even if you paid me, idiots. Wash, don’t wash I could care less, hell just fungal out.

  17. Everything Fauxci said in that video is a lie. He’s not even a good liar. The flu has always been the number one killer virus – hasn’t changed. Covid death numbers included deaths that had nothing to do with Covid. However, the jab has killed millions.

    The evil little dwarf got bested by an informed black man. That must have burned the little Nazi.
    His co-conspirator, the DC mayor thought guilt tripping this brave man would work because she thought he was an indoctrinated “brother”. Ha! not so.
    Both fearmongering Covid Jabbers had to hit the bricks as the truth hit them in their a**es. LOL!

  18. ^^^The flu has always been the number one seasonal killer virus – hasn’t changed.

  19. I wish Fauci would knock on my door and try to pull that crap. Also, Jack is an ass. Don’t be like Jack.

  20. The flu has always been the number one seasonal killer virus –

    Yup! They pulled a switheroo on us and chalked up any flu sicknesses (and motorcycle accidends) to Covid. That’s why the flu “dissappeared” for a while!

  21. Is this commenter Jack from the Offing family?

  22. Anymouse.
    I’m sorry about your friend.
    I hope all goes well with the surgery.

  23. MissInMi MARCH 21, 2023 AT 5:24 AM

    Out of surgery and in ICU. Now we wait. Recovery on this one could be difficult, to include relearning to speak.

    I got SNS praying on this one so I figure we got an inside track for success if it’s possible.

    Seems like there’s a certain higher success / belief rate at IOTW. The only reason I’m given to prayer is because God likes hearing from strangers.


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