This Disgrace To The Uniform Has It Removed From Him


He was an Albuquerque Police officer, but now he’s behind bars, accused of beating up his girlfriend. Newly released police video shows the moment the former officer found himself in handcuffs.

Jeffrey Wharton resigned shortly after he was arrested last month. Rio Rancho Police video shows officers arresting the 31-year-old while he was still on duty.

“Right now, we do have a warrant for your arrest. It’s for aggravated battery against a household member, two counts of that. Kidnapping and interference with communication,” said a Rio Rancho detective. More

Video of Wharton being arrested, disarmed, unbelted and finally having his uniform cut from his body. Here

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  1. I gotta say it, and I’ll take the heat for it, but ONE side of the story is, this is how women wind up dead.

    They are not 0% to blame when it comes to pissing matches with other people. They push it too far, don’t know when to shut up and quit, LOSE against someone bigger, faster, stronger than them, and to try to one-up the situation, they call the police and have lives ruined.

    Now this guy lost his job, will have to disclose a criminal record for every job he applies for, lost wages forever, court / lawyer fees, probably a house and car payment to make…..and lose. That is a heavy price to pay for what was probably a scuffle at home. When he goes through his emotional progressions, and gets to anger, that woman is going to suffer severely.

    Yeah yeah yeah, he shouldn’t have done this, and she shouldn’t have done that, but the bottom line is, you don’t ruin lives forever via the government / courts, and then throw up your hands in disbelief when revenge is taken, murder-suicide.

    Had he fought with his brother, father, friend, or any other male, likely virtually ZERO of these charges would have been filed. But because the other person had a vagina and LOST, he is a criminal. “Well he should have been a MAN and walked away!” –Well she should have been a WOMAN and walked away too, but only men are tasked with being adults, women have no such expectations. Therein lies the problem. Men “man-up” and support their unplanned children or foot the abortion bill, women do whatever they want, including throwing their child in the garbage can, because they have no reasonable expectations of being rational.

    Woman vs Woman–Ok
    Man vs Man–Ok
    Man loses to Woman–Ok
    Woman loses to Man–Felony

  2. Waiting to see that happen to clinton, comey, wray, Pelosi, Feinstein, obmanation, Schift, oh, the list is too long.

    Justice. That’s what I want to see. The criminal elitist government rats arrested. Mueller included! Biden.

  3. Interesting that an Albuquerque enforcer was arrested by Rio Rancho enforcers. Was this because the Albuquerque cops are notorious for thuggish behavior and testilying about it with no penalty to the cop perps?

  4. He must have pissed off the wrong people in his department. I’ve personally known of officers getting off scott free for worse offences than his.

  5. Uncle Al, my guess would be that the offense occurred in rio rancho, but that’s just a guess

  6. I fail to see how cutting the guys uniform shirt off is anything more than overkill. It looks tribal and ritualistic to me and doesn’t belong in a civil society, let alone something I’d want to see in my local police district. And what the hell is it doing on YT like it’s an audition tape for “Cops!”?

    Frankly, I think our police forces are turning into a bunch of thugs, themselves. Yah, yah, yah, I know all about how much they sacrifice and are there on the “front lines” and all the rest. I guess I’ve just lived in this city for too long and my old-fashioned sensibilities are offended by people on the public dole (payroll) who abuse their authority by acting all “untouchable” an stuff.

  7. …and do they HAVE to wear what looks like about $5K worth of stuff and black uniforms that look like the SS, for crying out loud!? I bet the willful destruction of that guy’s uniform shirt cost the taxpayers $300.00 bucks. Just so someone could count coup on on someone. And what’s with the gum-snapping women cops with their two foot pony tails? Seems to me a bad guy could just reach out there and grab ahold of then by their hairdo. In the service we couldn’t let our hair touch our uniform shirt collar. It wasn’t always glamorous, but it was regs.

  8. I’ve always said…”If you get a restraining order on a mate, make sure it has a high capacity magazine, cause the paper one won’t do shit!”

  9. Did you guys even read the article?

    “According to the criminal complaint, Wharton beat his girlfriend so badly, she had several gashes on her head and face. Police say her injuries were so severe, she had to be taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed.”

    “Police say a part of the beating was also caught on the couple’s Ring camera and shows Wharton, at one point, dragging her with a chokehold.”

    Let’s see, it’s on film. Could be that the officers arresting him watched the film and knew how bad the beatdown was.

    Like how his lawyers are requesting his release, not because he is innocent or that her injuries really weren’t too bad, or that his life might be in danger as an officer in general population with violent inmates…nope, he needs to be release because of COVID-19.

    Dear Hobbit Lover,

    Seems like IOTW can be a great place to go full retard on a misogynistic rant. In the words of Kirk Lazarus:

    Kirk Lazarus : Everybody knows you never go full retard.

    Tugg Speedman : What do you mean?

    Kirk Lazarus : Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, ‘Rain Man,’ look retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Counted toothpicks, cheated cards. Autistic, sho’. Not retarded. You know Tom Hanks, ‘Forrest Gump.’ Slow, yes. Retarded, maybe. Braces on his legs. But he charmed the pants off Nixon and he won a ping-pong competition. That ain’t retarded. He was a goddamn war hero. You know any retarded war heroes? You went full retard, man. Never go full retard. You don’t buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, “I Am Sam.” Remember? Went full retard, went home empty-handed.

    Gashed face..brain hemorrhage= Don’t talk back and make me a sandwich.

    Maybe we will all feel a little different if they release a tape of the beatdown (then again, maybe not).

  10. ChristianPDX — My comment stands. Regardless of this particular guy’s crimes. If he beat a woman — any woman — into a coma, let the punishment fit the crime, as law demands. Cutting his shirt off? Just stupid.

  11. I’m with Al. I’m writing down this protip.

    “Get arrested in Rio Rancho instead of Albuquerque.”

    Looks like they’d get me a cup of tea if I asked for it.

  12. Shees … in NYC he’d of walked today!
    The other month they released 6 enterprising young Latino sparks who were sitting on $7 million in fentanyl without bail!
    Where’s ‘ol Sparky when we need him?

  13. @ChristianPDX

    Yeah, his girlfriend got beat pretty good. How do you suppose this happened? He went to her place, threw open the door, and started wailing on her? Nah. If I know women, she taunted, taunted, and taunted some more, and then when it was time to shut the hell up and defuse, there was a North going Zax, South going Zax stand off, and men (especially stand your ground police officers) don’t just hang their head and walk away whimpering. Likely, she got emotional, screamed, yelled, carried on and escalated the situation where she got her ass kicked when it came time for her body to cash the check her mouth was writing.

    Yep, likely he was an abusive cop, full of stress, and other things that comprise his 50% of the blame but her too. How many women figure out the hard way, don’t run your mouth (especially against a street enforcer) if you can’t win the fight? Most kids on the 2nd grade playground learn what happens when they push it too far, why does it take women into adulthood to figure this out? –because we treat them like adult 7 year olds, and never hold them accountable for their behavior. “Ah she’s a woman, what can you do?…”

    I don’t feel sorry for her because I have 3 sisters, and have dated plenty of crazy women to know exactly how they like to tease, taunt, agitate, irritate, harass, threaten, break your things, dehumanize, humiliate, and psychologically manipulate. It’s their strength, and men don’t like it very much. I personally hope that her ass-kicking is equal to the future punishment he will receive, in that, she deserves to be disabled, not able to work again, because he sure won’t be able to.

    Really really sick of women getting the benefit of the doubt, especially after seeing Nazi Pelosi act like a typical BITCH and rip of the SOTU speech right behind Donald Trump and think, “She could use a real ass-beating from her husband, that’s for sure!”

  14. Who knows how many other people he had zero patience with. Fkin mental son of a bitch. shame the bastard. Bet no other cop in that town does this for a long time.

    and i dont give a rats ass if a woman may have not backed down sufficiently for you all. This asshole was supposed to protect people and get criminals, not beat women half his size. Fn monster. Piss on him.

  15. “I fail to see how cutting the guys uniform shirt off is anything more than overkill…”

    It’s just super campy gay. Too bad he didn’t have a sword to break.

  16. mithrandir

    Or, maybe he was just a dick that shouldn’t be wearing a badge. Unless of course you think beating on women should be legalized. Which sounds like you’re trying to make a case for. My cop pals don’t trust cops. Why should I? And I don’t

  17. Thirdtwin — Yeah, I noticed all the winks and smiles being passed around in that room. Woulda been even funnier if they’d first ripped his insignia off and threw it on the floor.

  18. @Thirdtwin – Maybe it was the Rio Rancho cops’ way of declaring, “We’re a ‘No BS’ outfit here!”

    (BS = Blue Shield, not what you may have first thought.)

  19. Remember this is how they will treat us all when they get the chance. It was uncalled for.
    He will get his day in court, or should we take him out and hang him?

  20. …and maybe they cut it off him because he was employed by a different township. Sorta like getting a scalp from another tribe.

  21. Most of the ladies I’ve known, and are currently in my life are pretty levelheaded. Mithrandir runs with a different crowd of wimmin than I do. Some of my old guy friends on the other hand have been trouble their whole life. One for murder in a drug deal, life without parole, several drug dealers with long histories of trouble, fatal car accidents, hell, you name it. Right now my male friends are old enough that lessons have been learned. Antagonistic behavior is not exclusively a female problem.

  22. I usually side with the majority of comments on articles here. This one? Not so much. The former officer is held to a higher level and expectation on and off-duty due to all that was entrusted to him by the people as an LEO. The female, no matter her attitude, did not deserve her injuries, unless the officer was actively defending himself from an attack. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there are absolutes and standards that must be followed if we are to maintain a civil society. Expressing views can influence the ill- or uninformed.

    Finally, unless someone has invested sacrifice as a law enforcement officer/agent, it is difficult to fully comprehend all the elements of that culture.

  23. Here’s the deal. Most woman in a typical domestic situation nag, agitate, talk incessively and if that doesn’t work they go physical with shoving, hitting.
    Most men respond after not getting a word in edgewise resort to claming up, attempting to ignore the woman, leave the room or house to cool off.
    and most men have a lot of restraint not to hit back. This usually doesn’t result in couples separating for long, despite an “intense” disagreement.

    Then, of course there are the extremes of domestic violence, even worse than what is represented by this cop, that are perpetrated by either partner in the relationship Typically, women overwhelmingly lose a standoff against men, which can be deadly.

    Yes, the cop should have walked away. He could have killed the girlfriend. Significantly, look at what it’s cost him. In the heat of the moment he dishonored himself and his position as a person of integrity and authority in his community.

    Regardless of the fraternal method used by his former colleagues to further disgrace this former cop who has no impulse control, it doesn’t compare to the lifelong shame he’s brought to his name and reputation.

  24. They cut the shirt off of Wharton for his own protection, so he wouldn’t be beaten immediately upon being put in with other suspects. They had to take scissors to the shirt because of the cuffs.

    No one can justify beating someone else because of insults and words, especially an off duty officer of the law. Get up and walk out and never come back if it’s that bad.

  25. Sounds like a violent cop who happens to be a wife beater. It happens, especially since a good number of these guys are into juicing up to help stay in shape.

  26. Late to this thread, and I don’t want to speculate as to what precipitated the alleged crime, nor do I want to speculate on his guilt or innocence – I don’t care. What first struck me was the extended video-ing of the whole process. That is not normal. How many videos that cover an arrest this in depth have any of you seen?

    This appeared to me to be a PR-type video intended for a particular audience. Something didn’t seem just quite right – just my humble opinion.

  27. Brad I get it. The guy is a pig.
    And most of them will act like that,but we can not act like that,until the time comes.


    1. @Bad_Brad
    Just because I focus on the 50% of the blame she is responsible for, doesn’t mean the cop doesn’t need to own up to his 50%, and looks like he will. Why everyone with a vagina is immediately exonerated is part of the problem in this society, you weren’t there, you don’t know what happened anymore than I do, so why side with the woman? Sexism? Because she is weaker and should receive sympathy?

    As my mom always said, “It takes two to tango” and when my sisters and I fought, it was a foot race to the house law enforcement (my mother) and the first person to tattle, or got the worst of it, was automatically in the right. Same seems to apply here, first one to call the police, MUST be telling the truth, otherwise, why would they need to call? Couldn’t be to get an upper-hand to win a domestic issue with her boyfriend.

    2. Ever hear the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard domestic arguments?

    That crazy witch is EXACTLY why women get beat the hell up. Johnny “splits” meaning, he defuses the situation, and she interprets it as betrayal and escalation. He splits because she’s bat-shit crazy, refuses to concede anything, challenges EVERY word that comes out of his mouth, she gets violent, and instead of beating her to death, he does the right thing, probably what this cop tried to do.

    3. Here is how the cop – g/f beating went

    1. They disagreed about something.
    2. She wouldn’t let it go.
    3. They screamed, she got into a high state of emotional chaos.
    4. He attempted to switch rooms, sit on the sofa and not speak.
    5. She followed him / went to another room to find another angle to win, comes back, continues to argue with a new talking point.
    6. She brings up old arguments and talking points she has been saving since she can’t win this one, change the subject! So now it’s a circular never-ending trail of blame and issues he thought were settled.
    7. She probably hit him, threw something at him, broke his stuff, grabbed the remote out of his hand, snatched his cellphone to get his attention, triggering him to jump up and get it back, by force of course.
    8. They wrestled, shoved back and forth (both to blame)
    9. She pick up the phone and dials “9-1” and threatens to dial “1” if he touches a hair on her head and she will fuck up his life, lose his job, go to jail yadda yadda, or was already in the process to make a lie to the police to report such a thing even though she was also violent, and she was desperate to get revenge and get a win, what vindictive women are known to do. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
    10. He grabbed the phone out of her hand (obstructing communication) and refused to let her leave the home to go use the neighbor’s phone (kidnapping).
    11. He knew not a single person would believe him, as he is the man, and would wind up in court and most likely lose his job and his life.
    12. He beat her in anger and desperation knowing it’s probably all over now, so why not get in a few haymakers while he can, causing her bleeding in the brain, then choke-dragged her back into the home after she tried to go to the neighbors, knowing he was totally toast at that point.

    Nope. Some women get beat, because some women NEED to get beat. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore than anyone else who loses a fight. I only feel sorry for those poor nerds who did nothing wrong other than being nerds, and were bullied, knocked around, and harassed by the other kids. Women? Nah…I know better. Those 2 moving pieces of flesh below their nose cause 95% of their trouble-making drama in their lives. –At least that’s what the muslims have gotten right. Throw a blanket over them, and if they act up, they get the stick.

    If she was truly a victim here, I’ll concede and support her situation, but odds are, she got her can royally kicked because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

  29. They cut off his shirt because he was wearing body armor and it had to be removed before he could be taken out of the precinct house, just like they had to remove all other PD property from his person after he was formally arrested. Once he was cuffed, he could not have his cuffs removed until he reached processing. If they removed the cuffs to take his shirt off and he attempted escape, the arresting officers could be accused of negligence.

  30. What a crock of bullshit.

    Simple fact of the matter is that if he was a Demonrat, or if he was named Clinton, Ayres, Axelrod, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, or Gruber there would have been absolutely NO consequences – PERIOD.

    He’s just a no-name schlub and a good propaganda fix – Look! We arrested one of our own! See? We’re The Good Guys!

    If she’da armed herself and killed the SOB, we wouldn’t be hearing about it.

    (sorry, my bullshit-o-meter is pegged)

    izlamo delenda est …


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