This guy is great! Alex Stein strikes again – IOTW Report

This guy is great! Alex Stein strikes again

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  1. Fake crying by fake libs, going to ridiculous lengths to make a ridiculous point is pretty much over done by now. A well reasoned and well presented case has to be more effective. I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. @joe6pak

    It depends on his purpose. If done to educate, point the mirror back at them or cause even a moment of self-reflection and self-awareness, then yes, it is wasted on them.

    But I don’t think that is his purpose. This is done strictly for ridicule and entertainment (for us) at their expense. So in that light, I applaud him.

  3. He’s perfect at capturing all the nuance (No! I’m NOT laughing!) of crazy embodied by EVERY ONE of the total nut jobs who yell, scream, cry and whine about all the ridiculous, mentally ill, nonsense you just heard him talk about. It’s a good thing for those who pander to this garbage, especially those in any sort of gov’t role, to have to sit there and listen to it. They might think they are impervious to it, but deep down they know that everyone is laughing at them.

  4. It doesn’t say much for school boards or city counsels that they haven’t figured out who these guys are yet.


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