This guy on a motorcycle would get from Manhattan to Boston in an hour

(Assuming he had a clear lane the entire way, didn’t run out of gas, and didn’t hit a deer.)

ht/ woody


A 400 meter race between a motorcycle (Kawasaki H2R), a Formula 1 race car and an F16 jet. Who wins?

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  1. So, I’m blocked from viewing Boob Tube at this time and can’t watch.

    Without watching and knowing somebody who has ridden these these things at the drag strip I’ve always wondered.

    How is it possible to ride one of those things with balls as big as they have? Just a little rise and you’re blown off the bike.

  2. 165 mph plus or minus 5 (speedo error) between Lincoln, Illinois and

    Bloomington…Mirrors folded flat on their own accord…Flat ass traffic..89 Kawasaki ZR-7…(New at the time)

    I was temporarily deaf after that…Oh to be 26 again…and smarter.

  3. that is why the phrase ‘stupid on steroids’ was created. Ok on a closed circuit but public highway? Must’ve just came from feeding octopus’ses.

  4. My Beemer topped out at about 135, my Kawi 500 Triple maybe a tad faster. I wouldn’t care to contemplate an accident at those speeds.

  5. @Charlie- I loved the smell of Bean Oil. But the only people who really got a good whiff were behind me.

  6. reminds me of the sprinter that beats a race horse in the 100 yard dash

    … but I wouldn’t bet him in a furlong

  7. At these speeds, it’s over before you even know it. You’re going too fast to react to anything. So why worry? Just twist the throttle and let the bike do what it wants to.

  8. Had a Honda CBX late 70’s bike scary fast, had to stand up and lean over the handle bars to keep it on the ground when you opened it up.


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