This… is a RACIST #CNN

Parody of CNN’s “This is an apple” commercial

9 Comments on This… is a RACIST #CNN

  1. That is a racist, a bigot, a hater, a deep state propagandist, a gas lighter, and purveyor of fake news. That is the fruit known as LeMon.

  2. The half black/half white ones are the worst racists. Kaepernick, Obama, Lemon and there are many more. They play up so hard to their black side even though they are half-white. It’s a plea for the black father who abandoned them. It never occurs to them that they are half-white and the white side of their family is the one who was there for them.

  3. Way too self loathing! Must be all that French blood running through his veins. And by “French” I mean “Caucasian”.



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