This is an ACTUAL lefty video- It’s hard to tell parody from reality with these people

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  1. The creators of the ad need to spend some time reading the posts here to see how its done……..better yet not!

  2. Showing the mother to be a drunk lush at the end the way she gulps that martini was a nice touch. My only complaint was that it was missing a Hillary photo over the fireplace.

  3. No facts, just a built in assumed stereotype against the GOP. That’s great work.

  4. I suspected something when he told me that kids gave him their lunch money for protection…

  5. Then when he came home from college with a degree in gender studies and never left the basement…

    That’s when I knew…

  6. TO FUCorsair
    Did you notice the fireplace also seems like it almost caught the house on fire earlier?! Probably from one of her previous witch-coven-get-togethers….

  7. It makes the *perfect* template for

    This is your daughter on FEMINISM
    This is your son on ANTIFA
    Dis be yo son on BLM

    knockoffs…(hint hint)

  8. The second half of this ad, which was cut in editing, was much more depressing:

    “My son. He graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, moved away to a better city, got a job which pays 10 times what the liberal studies baristas in his graduating class make, and doesn’t come home anymore. Successful and independent – my son has failed his mother and our liberal leaders, and has run away from the plantation.

    Oh well, at least I have boozy memories of Hillary’s failed run at the White House. Make me another cocktail, James; it’s noon somewhere in the world.”

  9. Mom, dad… remember when I told you that I had “Hope”?…,,

    Well now, I have …… a … JOB!!!!!

  10. how can this putrifying pile of human flesh claim to be a deviant DemonRAT in good standing when she didn’t abort said, son like their holy gospel preaches and worships?

  11. It’s Steyer. What can you say, but this is what’s meant by the saying ‘more money than sense’.

    Keep talking, lefties. The NM radio ad that starts (uncensored) with “F*** the NRA” is another golden exemplar.

  12. Someone should make a counter video from the son’s perspective.

    “You know, I love my mother, but she’s a total, immoral airhead. God, I’m glad I’m away from that family now!”

  13. Nobody under the age of 50 will buy the notion that white kids are hassling and abusing non-white kids in schools. It’s been exactly the opposite pathology in this country for decades. Everything in that stupid video sounds like what the democrat mindset has done for non-white males, i.e. turned many of them into useless sociopaths.

  14. Jimmy – I LOVE your idea of a video from the son’s perspective. I’m not creative enough, but that would be the best. It could end with him at a bar, knocking back a drink served by someone in a Hilary T-shirt

  15. She spent 200 grand sending him to some leftist indoctrination center euphemistically called a college to indoctrinate him into a good little soy boy leftist and he came home a republican. FAIL!

  16. “Liberal children are angry at their parents for not aborting them…”
    I once discussed the topic of abortion with a feminist. I told her that she should be glad that abortion wasn’t as accepted and available when she was in her mom’s womb (back in the early 60s). She angrily and bitterly replied, “I didn’t ask to be born!” That perfectly exemplified the core of leftism: ingratitude and victim stance

  17. All,

    This is called Projection.

    Look at how the scenes are pieced together?

    It’s like a set of Talking Points:

    First point: pic of the end of his quote? ME
    Second point: You cannot have a relationship with a guy that actually believes in pro choice.
    Third point: Stealing? Who is STEALING from whom?
    Fourth point: A loser with no responsibility with Trump T- shirts.
    Fifth point: Your son or daughter became a Fascist or college.
    Sixth point: I can’t handle my own reality. What KOOLAID did she through back?
    Closer: ” I wish I had” IOW YOU effed up.

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