This is difficult to watch… man shot dead over custody dispute… self-defense?

The reaction of everyone seems almost staged. It wasn’t.

Kyle Carruth attorney makes case for self-defense after deadly shooting of Chad Read

Carruth returned with a gun and repeated his demand that Read leave. At that point, the video depicts Read saying Carruth can go ahead and “use it, m***** f***** because G** d***** I’ll take it from you!”

Carruth’s attorney, David M. Guinn with Hurley, Guinn & Singh, said the shooting was self-defense.

“All Texans may lawfully brandish a firearm to protect themselves, their property and their business.” Guinn said.

“When Kyle did that, Chad Read advanced on him,” Guinn said.

Guinn also emphasized Read’s threat to take the gun from Carruth.

“And instantaneously, he tried to take the gun away from Kyle,” Guinn said. “In doing so he was power enough to sling Kyle 180 degrees around on Kyle’s patio.”

“Raising his left leg, he was continuing his advance on Kyle, threatening him and posing an immediate threat. Kyle responded,” Guinn said. “This is a justifiable homicide.”

“Careful study of the video showed Kyle’s gun was brandished but never pointed at Read,” Guinn said. “It was only after Mr. read said ‘I’ll take your gun,’ and slinging him across the patio like a scarecrow — then stepped toward him — that Mr. Carruth pointed the gun at Mr. Read.”

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  1. That’s murder. At the .10 second mark it shows Read totally stationary when Kyle plugged him. At that moment Kyle had no idea if they guy was still a threat. He should have waited for Read to take a step forward.

  2. Kind of iffy for me. II would need to know what teal shirts history was And look and closer for implied threats of violence.

    The fact remains the guy only seemed to be verbally aggressive.

  3. Murder. Not a lawyer but there’s a thing called proportionality or something. to shoot a motherfuker because he’s yelling at you and grapples with you for a couple seconds now I don’t think so no proportionality there. I find it odd that the two females didn’t scream. Females always scream and cry.

  4. “It might be murder in commifornia, but in Texas”

    OH, Geez. Did you no Cali was a Stand Your Ground State? It’s true. You have no “Duty to Retreat”. Cali laws are more on the side of the good guy than most states. Entrenched Penal Codes from the old days that the new commies haven’t been able to change.

    I have a Cali permit, an AZ permit, and a Utah Permit. I’m good for 38 states, I think. Utah gun laws are actually a little strange.

  5. The reaction of the women is like when the Wicked Witch was killed.
    Something not quite right with their reactions.
    No one even goes over to the guy.

  6. Don’t even need to click the link.

    Two manginas screeching about single mommery? And now one’s dead? The world’s already a brighter place!

    And one might get ass raped to death? Look! A Thanksgiving miracle!

  7. Produce a loaded rifle to a verbal argument you’re not involved, and you’ll be charged with murder.

    The mother sounds like a real asshole. Now she’s single again.

  8. Don’t put me on the jury if Kyle Carruth is up for murder; I watched this several times and read the statements given thus far.
    I wouldn’t have any hesitation putting him in prison.

  9. BFH

    Maybe old Chads behavior pattern was predictable enough that this was actually a premeditated murder. After all, that loaded rifle was pretty close by.

  10. The shooter (Kyle) backed away from the other guy so he could get a clear shot. The other guy made NO attempt to threaten Kyle at that point. Kyle just shot to kill.

    I don’t see self defense at all. I see a pussy with a weapon.

  11. Regardless of the circumstances, firearms are used in conflicts every day, and have been for hundreds of years. But since the Rittenhouse affair, the media will pick and choose only those cases that put gun owners, and self-defensive gun use in a bad light. It is all part of the agenda to disarm us.

  12. sorry to bring geography into this, but-
    the shooter was violating court ordered child visitation rights by denying the father the lawful custody of his child. After ordering the father to leave, the shooter then placed himself in the path of what would have been the victim’s exit from the scene. Any attempt to comply and leave by the victim could then be misconstrued by the shooter as an advance on the shooter. 25 to life.

  13. The ex wife was messing with custody rules to deny the kids their father. Judges let them get away with it. She is at fault too.

  14. If he had shot the dude while grappling, I could maybe see that as self-defense. However, he was clear and even put more distance between him and his assailant before firing. Also, dude shot towards the house, with people inside. Could easily have hit one of them instead. Teal shirt was a fool, but so is Mr. Shooter. Mom sure can pick ’em.

  15. Mr Green shirt was really stupid. I can’t say he deserved being shot, but if I am arguing with a homeowner on his front porch and he comes out of his house with a gun I am standing down immediately. He was told he was trespassing and to leave before the homeowner got the gun. There are lawful ways to deal with a custody dispute and that wasn’t one of them. Why do I think this wasn’t the first time this happened?

  16. …and not one person goez to check on the guy after he goes down, or even seens particularly upset. I’ve seen more concern for people who see strangers stumble on an escalator at a shopping mall than anyone showed for him…

  17. Another “White” guy is going to jail! Dumb-ass should have left the gun in the house and called the police…

  18. No one seems concerned about having to tell the child in question he will never see his Dad again, or why.


  19. Tony R

    That’s all we machine is slick sides. I have about a bazillion rounds thru ARs and the only time I’ve ever had to us the forward assist was on 7.62 by 39 guns. And that’s the dirtiest ammo around. You’ll love the slick side. Just don’t use a forged one. \
    We make one with a weak hand, non reciprocating side charger. Lot’s of fun.

  20. My opinion? That is a blatant case of murder. He killed him for no reason except that he flung him a little ways. Dude came out with a gun to a fist fight where, he killed a man because his male pride was hurt.

  21. When you let your emotions overrule your rationality, this is the result.
    Both sides exercised monumentally bad judgement.

  22. The video opens with Kyle Carruth telling Chad Read to get off his property as Read argues with his ex-wife about not having one of his sons at the court ordered time.

    Chad Read can be heard telling Christina Read that he was supposed to have him at 3:15 p.m. During the argument, Christina Read could be heard saying the child was not at the residence on 90th Street and that she was going to fetch him.

    Christina Read can be heard telling Chad Read that she didn’t abide by the court ordered deadline because she wanted to see their son.

    “I don’t care if you wanted to see him or not,” Chad Read could be heard saying. “I get him at 3:15 p.m. If you want to see him, you see him up until 3:15. You keep trying to keep my son from me.”

    As Read threatened to subpoena multiple people, including Anne-Marie Carruth, Kyle Carruth emerges from the home armed with a rifle, saying, “I’m glad this is on video, I’m very glad.”

    Carruth yells at Read to leave and the two bump chests, with Read daring Carruth to use the weapon.

  23. This is what happens when two boys in grown-up pants meet. I’ll provide a dozen details upon request, but the list can start with:
    1. Don’t impregnate someone you ain’t married to.
    2. Don’t marry someone you can’t live with.
    3. Don’t marry someone if you can’t stand her friends or parents.
    4. If the first three rules ain’t given ya reason to keep it in yer pants, you ain’t old enough to use it yet.
    5. If you ain’t old enough to holster yer gun, you ain’t old enough to use a rifle. (This is my rifle, this is my gun; this is for fighting, this is for fun.)

    A dozen would be a very short list, indeed. The guy is guilty of premeditated murder. He and all around him knew this was likely and meant for it to happen. Children, all.

  24. This is why a boy doesn’t need a puppy first, but rather, an old dog. When the dog’s time has come, any three-year-old will learn what it is to die; he’ll never forget.
    Then give the boy a puppy…

  25. That was very disturbing. Everyone in the dispute, including the deceased father, seem like sociopaths.
    The lack of awareness of the potential for a fatal tragedy as well their selfish, apathetic responses to the horiffic situation is very weird and troubling.

    The shooting seems premeditated. No doubt not the first confrontation between those two. The father was the aggressor, but the shooter appears to be using excessive force. If that’s the case, a manslaughter charge?
    Still, a skilled lawyer might get self defense to work.
    The whole situation probably could have avoided if the people involved weren’t so disconnected from reality. Crazy.

  26. I would like to see what the custody agreement says. It sounded like the father might have been supposed to pick up his son there, who was being withheld, in which case, he might have had a lawful right to be there. Depends on where the kid was supposed to be “exchanged”.

  27. Not self defense in normal land, but this is pretty much what a liberal thinks is Ok for stand your ground. Which this isn’t.

    And Cheryl is not an idiot. She is right.

    Dude was cold blooded to think laying someone out dead was an ok thing to do in this situation. He’ll fit right in with the other psychos in prison.

  28. I am not sure about murder or homicide charges. The guy fired a warning shot and told teal shirt to leave. Leave my property means leave.

  29. Holy shit!… The guy is dying on the ground, and all these dumb cunts are arguing on video like it’s a fucking reality show. WTF? Makes me doubt it’s even real.


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