This is funny?

When Cruz made his joke on Jimmy Kimmel, about not knowing which pedal to push if he saw Trump in his back-up camera, it was acceptable because of the lighthearted mood of the comedy show, and Cruz’s timing was commendable.

It added up. I live blogged that I thought it was funny.

#NeverTrump, I don’t think, is interested in comedy, considering the stridency and urgency of their coalition.

Question. Is Cruz running Trump over on the high road or the low road in this meme?

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  1. Why dafuq has a Presidential run turned into some weird competition for “Suck Ass Comedian of the Year?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I thought the low water mark was the “small hands” bullshit.
    Now it is simply tit for tat.
    Both Cruz and Trump are guilty as charged.
    Both should stifle!

    Evidently Kasich has gone dirt too but nobody gives a rat’s ass about him.

  3. If it’s not OK for Trump to speak unfiltered saying he’d like to punch a violent paid radical in the face then it’s not ok for Cruz to repeat a “joke” written by scriptwriters threatening murder.

    Cruz wants to hold Trump to a higher standard than he holds himself to.

  4. Somebody need to tell Newt Gingrich to call these two school yard tuff guys together and tell the to stop the bull shit. If they put half as much energy into exposing Hillary she might be standing trial already.

  5. This is nothing more than outreach to the morons who watch late night television. It started with Letterman and it has descended to the present level. All of the candidates seem to need to prove they can appeal to the late night audience, which the Clintons have locked up. Kind of ironic, when you realize that Hillary is the lamest guest on late night television. Is there any host that trends conservative?

  6. Et tu Andrew?

    I used to love this guy. Man the uglies are crawling out of the baseboards en mass.

    I second BB’s notion of Newt getting both of them by the ears and shaking their noggins silly.

  7. For once I will agree with BB and say great idea. AA – Disagree, Cruz is no more of an ass than Trump. They are killing each other and you strident folk are fueling the fire to a HIllary victory. Good on ya.

  8. what I would like to see in cruz’s rearview mirror is America, heading North to Canada PERIOD

  9. Gaah! Cleared cache earlier and as a result Anonymous was me. Fur having problems with your site shutting down on me…any suggestions?

    email your symptoms.
    I’m having problems with lots of sites quitting and getting Chrome sad faces saying pages have to be killed, and I’m not on iOTW. I think the internet is moving ahead of updates. I’m having problems with flash in particular. -bfh

  10. Trump trumps the pack in the complete and total ass department. If he had not started his campaign by announcing in simple terms that he was going to build a wall to prevent the invasion of this country by illegal immigrants (Mexican murderers and rapists), and ban all Muslims (Islamic Terrorists) from coming here, how much support do you think he would have? Most right thinking people believe he is absolutely correct about these subjects; but he can’t win the general election, because of the other asinine thinks he constantly spouts out of his big, ignorant mouth. Does anyone actually believe that women should be punished for having an abortion in this day and age? I can understand someone opposed to abortion believing that it should be against the law, but how many women voters want their daughters and friends to be punished for having an illegal abortion? We will get the broadest ass stuffed in a pants suit ever seen in Washington DC if Trump wins the nomination.

  11. I can’t defend any camp in this election cycle.
    It has reached its nadir.

    Anti-Trump people are overstating the horridness of Trump to hysterical, histrionic and overblown fashion like I have never seen.
    It’s so out of proportion to the actual man that I have become nauseated by the sight of certain people, and simply point and laugh at others.

    But it will survive Hillary?

    You’ve obviously not been as concerned as you should have been about the left all these years, have you? You can tolerate a Hillary presidency. That makes you my enemy.
    Go back to sleep. You’ve never been in the fight.

    Anti-Cruz people are not quite there in their histrionics, but I fault them just as much because I can understand a certain level of concern among people unwilling to board the Trump train, whereas, Cruz does not require a leap of faith.
    In totality, he’s been a friend to most of the issues we fight for on the right.
    I’m not seeing the great danger of a Cruz presidency, except that he represents a hurdle to a Trump presidency.
    That doesn’t warrant ratf*cking in my book.
    Campaign against him? Fine.
    Try to suggest he’s a devil in disguise? Asinine.

    This whole process has me depressed, and it’s made me more of a misanthrope.
    Some people are just plain fucking dumb.

  12. ” but he can’t win the general election,”

    Dude, is your last name Rubio? If Trump can’t win, Cruz sure as hell can’t win and we are all wasting our time. Have you checked the current national polls lately? Your logic sucks.

  13. I, for one, cannot stand the “this guy can’t win in the general election” bullshit.

    Of course they can’t win, we have people on the right putting that in the ether to the point where it will not happen. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    We met the enemy. It is us.

    Furthermore, I know human nature.
    If someone goes around saying, ad nauseam, “this guy can’t win,” they do not want them to win, otherwise they look stupid. They will work to make sure their prediction comes true.

    So, if X is the nominee, and you do not want the pantsuit, I suggest you stop being a negative derp and pitch in for the nominee.
    Otherwise, we will not know if the right can ever win a presidential election again.

  14. I read this on the Federalist, and I found myself open to the idea.
    The writer said that it’s a pipe dream to think we can get full blown conservatism in the white house at this moment.
    There are too many people who work for, rely on, and believe in, big government.
    The best we can do is creep right slowly.
    Populism is the link from where we are now to getting conservatism one day.

    Romney should have, and could have, won.
    We blew it in 2012.
    Many on the right didn’t mind or care, because “Romney wasn’t conservative enough.”

    It’s happening again.
    What would a united front look like in 2016?

    Unite around Cruz and we get a good conservative.
    Unite around Trump and we get a right-leaning populist.

    It’s possible that neither can win at this point and it’s our own fault.


  15. I have checked the national polls lately, and Trump can’t defeat Hillary. I would vote for any candidate nominated to oppose Hillary/Bill Clinton. Hell, I voted for John McRino, Mitt Romney, and Bob Dole. I voted for Dick Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and his idiot son twice. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I can’t see Trump making it past the finish line. Times and demographics have changed since Barry Goldwater’s attempt to get elected by telling voters the truth.

  16. There’s only one way we win. Cruz needs to fall in behind Trump. Trump needs to announce Cruz is his VP pick and start naming cabinet members. Then they both need to attack the real enemy. Trump as President for four years, Cruz for eight.

    Sadly this will not happen. To much EGO in the way.

  17. Marco,
    You are wrong. Trump will pull in cross over votes. It’s already happening. I don’t see the validity of polls for any of these candidates running against Hillary as long as they are all still in the race. Makes no sense. That poll won’t be accurate until it’s man vs Hildabeast.

  18. Speaking of Hildabeast, has anyone listened to her lately. She sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West. And it’s getting worse.

  19. Brace yourselves for queen Hildabeast fellas.. It was the deal in return for stepping aside and biding time for lord O-hole to wreak his havoc.

  20. we haven’t even gotten to the phase where the right focuses exclusively on the left and we have people looking at polls and saying, “oh well, we lost.”

    I’d frag that attitude given the chance.
    I’d rather have no one next to me in the bunker than Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

    Hillary could very well be indicted, but that will have NO IMPACT AT ALL on the polls you’ve been reading.

    Our team is just chock full of warriors.

  21. If Cruz is the outside he portrays himself as, then he should join forces with Trump and they should both pivot against the RINO establishment and the left. Which may be one in the same.

  22. I believed the polls here in Colorado, when the CU professors who had never been wrong in predicting a presidential election since 1960 called it for Romney. Romney could have beatien Omohamid, but he didn’t get rough enough. Romney had none of Trump’s negative baggage, but he couldn’t pull in enough unenthusiastic Republican voters and he lost the women and the minorities. Trump can’t get elected without all of the Republican Party behind him. There are not enough cross over voters to make up the difference for the women and the minorities who will never vote for a Republican. I’ll vote for Trump if he is the nominee, but Hillary will start with the 47% that Mitt conceded, and get the people Donald has insulted, and that’s the end of this Republic.

  23. “. Romney could have beatien Omohamid, but he didn’t get rough enough.”

    I doubt if this will be an issue for Trump. Wadya think.

  24. There is a mentality starting since Trump and Cruz are at odds, that Hillary will win the Presidency. That mentality has to STOP. We need to coalesce and rise above the Establishment and then defeat HRC. The NeverTrump and NeverCruz shi* needs to stop. The Left and the Establishment wants both camps to tear each other down – GET IT? Let’s not give it to ’em.

  25. Hillary is not Obama.
    Weighting her as if she is is mistake number 1 in the polls.

    Mistake number 2 is believing an April head to head poll when no one has been nominated.

    Mistake number 3 is thinking the polls are set in stone while simultaneously saying Cruz will defy the polling odds and beat Trump.

    I do believe that people are in the midst of reporting some changing polling regarding California and Wisconsin.
    Polls don’t change!!!!

    You got to laugh to keep from crying.

  26. Oh, Trump can get rough alright, but he can’t out debate Clinton. Cruz can out debate anyone in America on the issues. That is why he is still standing. Our best hope is for Hillary to get indicted, but that won’t happen. The Clintons have too much dirt on Obumbler.

  27. And before you counter with a comment, think.

    Has Cruz narrowed the gap with Trump because of the debates???

    No. He hasn’t. It’s been media influence surrounding issues outside of the debates.

    So, don’t give me the “Cruz as great debater” crapola.
    Frankly, I don’t see it.
    A ten year-old can see that he never answers a question.
    He answers the question he wishes was asked.

  28. “, Trump can get rough alright, but he can’t out debate Clinton.”

    YGBFKM, Clinton’s a TOOL. Any dumber she would require watering. They can prep her all they want and if she’s pushed she’ll fall apart. That’s a walk in the park for either candidate, and Trump will go for the throat, straight at her. Cruz, not so much.

    I’m starting to realize there are people that are so enamored with their candidate they will sink with him. This is a bad deal.

  29. Cruz is gaining on Trump. Trump can’t erase a lifetime of his stupid comments about women, and the DNC is going to fling that back at him until he looks like Donald the Ripper. Don’t forget that Romney was defeated in the last election by a completely cocked up, phony War on Women theme, and Romney never said anything as outrageous as Trump has said in one session on the Stern show.

  30. Marco, The GOP RINO crowd has been hitting Trump with this crap since he entered the race. No effect. It looks like Cruz will take Wisconsin. The GOP has shot their wad in money trying to stop Trump there. If they can’t turn the tide, and if Trump sweeps New York and the 7 or 8 North Eastern states. Game over.
    People are not taking into account how much of the population is getting killed by this economy. It’s a big positive for Trump.

  31. I’ve watched all of the debates, and too many of Trump’s press conferences not to have noticed that Trump never uses more than a couple of sentences directly answering any question. Then, he starts bragging about his having built the greatest company, or how great a deal maker he is, or how rich he is. He makes H. Ross Perot seem eloquent by comparison, but at least Perot had real knowledge about the issues facing the country and could debate them in detail.

  32. So you don’t like Trump’s position on the Wall? Immigration, Trade, Tariffs, Taxes, NATO? I could go on. All of which Cruz has copied. Your just making shit up now. I’m out.

  33. Cruz was taking conservative positions on all of these issues since he first ran for the Senate in Texas. Trump can’t explain his position on any of these issues beyond a few sound bites, and he is wrong about half of them. I am not making anything up. I can handle the truth. Trump can’t win, and Cruz just might win; but I’ll vote for the Republican nominee even if it’s Kasich. Over and out.

  34. Of all the Cruz derangement on this site, and there is epic reams of it, my favorite to read is
    “Cruz copied Trump.”


    Yep, Ted Cruz was simply a New York pro-choice, high tax, big government liberal who donated to democrats for decades before Ol’ Donald J. Trump showed him the way and the light.

    You guys absolutely slay me!!

    “Waiter, why yes, please, with due course, I’ll have a carafe of that majestic elixir, the epic, the best, the Trump cool-aide please.”


  35. This is all just a tempest in a teapot. Yes, Cruz made a scripted joke on a too late at night talk show.
    It’s everyone else (of which camp?) that has created this flaming twit war.
    “Ohhh, he said this.”
    “Oohh, he said that.”
    No, he (either one of them) said anything.

    Sheesh, the idiocy that is infecting this political race.

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