This is Not a Joke [Memes Confuse Liberals]

6 Comments on This is Not a Joke [Memes Confuse Liberals]

  1. I just did a google search on the meme where Trump knocks out CNN. I typed in “trump ko CNN meme”. Guess what I got back? “Trump koi CNN meme”…nothing but links to that Fake News bullshit which actually should be banned.

  2. No wonder they need “leaders.”
    Tie a bell around one’s neck and the others will follow.
    Sheesh …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. @Thirdtwin, I did a search on youtube for video of Shelly O talking about rich people needing to share their piece of the pie and all I got for results were fanboy type videos of her.

    I do love the liberal heads exploding over these memes.
    “Soy boys making soy face” LOLOLOL!!!


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