This is Not National News Because California Governor is a Leftist

Like Flint, water in California’s Central Valley unsafe, causing health problems

Fox – While the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, made headlines around the country when the city’s leaders exposed residents to a tainted water supply for almost two years, families living in the Central Valley of California have been struggling without clean drinking water for decades.


Much of fruits and vegetables consumed in the U.S. are grown here, and the soil has been decimated by agricultural activity – overuse of fertilizers and pesticides, manure from livestock. One result is a toxic soup of  nitrates in the area’s drinking water.

Residents in towns along the San Joaquin Valley rely predominantly on pumps and ground water – which is not effectively regulated for contamination.

When pumped up into people’s homes, the nitrates are so dangerous that people are known to get rashes when they shower. The presence of nitrates in the water supply also has been linked to “blue baby syndrome,” which is caused by the decreased ability of blood to carry oxygen – one of the most common causes is nitrate in drinking water.

People turn to buying five gallon jugs to shower with and using 300-gallon tanks of non-potable water for basic needs.

“Generations of people who live here know not to drink the water,” Susana De Anda, a clean-water advocate and the co-executive director and co-founder of the Community Water Center NGO, told Fox News Latino.

“People pay more for this ‘toxic water’ – sometimes as much as $100 a month for water just to shower with. On top of that they’re paying for drinking water,” De Anda said.

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  1. Meanwhile in “News They Seem To Lose” that lawless, Constitution-stomping, phoney-baloney, Plastic-Banana republic, Marxist Muslim Mallard fraud told us back in 2007 he wuz gonna focus on improving our crumbling infrastructure.
    Then in 2012 the race-baiting, America-hating, Manchurian Bowl-Winder said it again only this time with Global Warming!
    Howz that been werkin out???
    Leftists are truly stupid!

  2. Number of wells poisened by hydraulic fracturing = 0
    Number poisened by agriculture = ?

    This isn’t just a CA problem it’s yuge

    Eastern Colorado I a nitrate desert. Eastern South Dakota has a rural water system that provides fresh water to towns because all of their wells are toxic.

  3. I have met 3 families that have escaped Cali. to come to my dying,decrepit BANKRUPT
    town of La Marque,TX.The reason is taxes.They said they would be broke in 10 years or less.
    Here in La Marque they could live for a long time and still have $$$ to pass to their family.
    I write this as raw sewer is flowing down the street at the end of my drive way right into the Highlands Bayou.Happens ever time we have a hard rain.Our water & sewer system is 65
    years old and the clay pipes are failing.Sewer bubbles up right out of cracks in the pavement.
    What burns my rear end to a crisp is Obongo spenting 8B a year on the UN and 700M for
    promoting degenerate sodomy in Africa.How many small towns in America could have new
    sewer/water systems with 8 BILLION $$$ ! Think of the jobs it would create. It ain’t gona
    happen.Like the folks at WesternRifleShooters say= we are beyond “voting” to fix this mess.
    MR-EZ & 223Z…..

  4. Mr. Trump says he’s gonna “give money back to the states” – but how bout: “the fuckin Feds don’t take it in the first fuckin place?”

  5. This is one of the major issues with the “Individual Income Tax” (16th Amendment). The states never see it, no one knows how much it really is, the Feds can steal it and piss it away any way they like, and the “individuals” don’t have enough political clout to object.

    If EVERY Congressional District paid the EXACT SAME AMOUNT as every other Congressional District, then EVERYONE would know exactly how much was taken in and how much was spent on EVERY item in the Congressional Budget. And each Congressional District might be more inclined to keep some of the swag at home to maintain water systems, and suchlike (the roads are supposed to be maintained out of the gasoline tax).

    I know that the propensity to steal is great – and that it transcends time, space, and ideology, but unless we’re diving headlong into the cesspit of History, we need to put an end to the corrupt Oligarchs.

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