This is NOT the best defense Al Franken could have received

On Tuesday, Garrison Keillor had this op-ed in the Washington Post:


The next day…

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  1. The very last thing Keillor’s employers want is to have to shell out the big bucks either defending him in court or — more likely — settling a lawsuit. Employment and sexual harassment cases can run into the millions. And you just gotta guess that this is the tip of the iceberg for Keillor’s misdeeds. They wouldn’t so quickly given him the boot if his reputation didn’t precede him. This is all too rich.

  2. AbigailAdams, I was not calling you a baby the other night. What I was was saying that we can not become babies. I was saying we should not become like them. Nor behave like them. Not that you have become them for God’s sake. I’m sorry if you can’t read.

  3. Remember the guy in Europe (wasn’t he a muzzie) with an underage girl who accidentally slipped and his penis penetrated her?

    Hey Garrison I guess it could have been worse.

  4. I just heard some Dem political douche on the radio say that the sexual harassment apocalypse will hit the corporate world next. Now, I’m not saying it won’t, but didn’t the corporate world go through this twenty or thirty years ago? And didn’t the government crack down on them pretty hard back then? And didn’t the news media do lavish reportage on all of the scummy corporate pigs? And didn’t Hollywood make a ton of movies about evil, harassing bosses?

    Not saying the business world has been purified by fire, but it obviously has its house in better order today than all of the other entities which attacked it so vociferously decades ago.

  5. Too funny. I hate his Lefty politics but I used to enjoy Prairie Home long ago.
    GK did very well off one single radio idea. Paid for by our tax dollars.

    I didn’t know GK had retired from PHC and been replaced (last year?)

    Fresh proof the Left destroys everything it touches.

  6. Am I living in a right-wing fantasy land?


    1. Is a pro-American President who bludgeons his opponents.
    2. The left-wing to slit their own throats.

    Is this really happening?

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