This is not your Drag Queen Story Time Hour

Reading to animals program at shelter has overwhelming positive response.


INGHAM COUNTY, MI. (WILX) — The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter has recently joined Reading Paws and has seen an “overwhelming response” from the community.

Reading Paws is a program for children between the age of 6 and 16 to read to pets in the shelter.

ICACS said in a post on Facebook that the shelter environment can be overwhelming for many pets and they have found that reading to the animals there reduces anxiety and can create a calm space.

They are taking reservations for kids to fill spots and read to the dogs and cats.

The next session on Nov. 27 is already full, but they are taking applications for their December 4 session right now.

Click here for their sign up link to be a part of the program or call 517-676-8311.

ICACS says that kids and encouraged to bring their own book or they can choose a book from the shelter collection.

Also, a parent or guardian must be present during the reading session.

h/t “Meowther Goose Stories” 

19 Comments on This is not your Drag Queen Story Time Hour

  1. I can see how that would help. Too bad it’s just once a week, I bet those poor little dogs and cats would welcome them 7 days a week.

  2. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying if the children read to lonely seniors in nursing homes, rehab centers, and local neighborhoods?

  3. My daughter in-law has a Spanish ranch mastiff that runs over 146 lbs. She takes it to schools in a child’s book reading forum every few weeks. She has a photo of a handicapped tiny little girl sitting on the floor next to this monster of a dog, the girl leaning back against it with a giant smile on the child that is a tear jerker to see. The girl is just so happy…

  4. @Stop2think and @Odin,,
    Warm fuzzies,
    just ask and yet, what?
    Have another one crapping all over the place,,,
    No Thank you

  5. That’s awesome. I tell my dog stories every day, usually stories that involve squirrels, cats, and other dogs. The things she is interested in. Except when I’ve had a tough day, she hears all about it. Don’t read from a book, but I tell it from the heart. She sits patiently, listening, and watching my every move.

  6. Dogs react to vocal inflections very well. My wife learned this last night after she sung the same line from something on TV. The black lab melted.

    Meanwhile, if I drop an f-bomb, not even directed at the dogs. Two of them instantly exit the area, the other one thinks treats always fall from the sky no matter what.

  7. The dogs don’t snap because they’re tired or had a bad day at work. OTOH they don’t correct mispronounced words or know when the child tells his own story because he doesn’t know how to read the book.

    I like Stop2think’s idea of reading to seniors. They can help with words and add words of their own.

  8. So enlightening to see children spending their time like this!
    God bless them all, especially the girl in the middle with Shaquille O’Neal feet.
    That’s got to be at least a size 15,,,

  9. Theres a therapy Golden Retriever named Muffin at my kids old school back in IL. The kids read better to Muffin than to a teacher. More relaxed, it flows better.


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