This is Photoshopped

Patriot Retort: In the interests of full disclosure, this image 👆 is Photoshopped.

Though Adam Schiff may be figuratively flipping the bird to the American people, he never once literally did it (on camera).

You can tell my image is Photoshopped because my watermark appears within the image. It’s my little way of saying, “Yes, this image is altered.”

But since there are deeply stupid people out there who, despite the presence of a watermark on the image, will  screech angrily as if I’m trying to hoodwink you, I feel it necessary to point out this “Adam Flipping the Bird” image is Photoshopped.

Or, in the parlance of the well-I-nevering pearl-clutchers in the news media: it is “doctored.”

The other day, someone took a screen grab of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik leaving Friday’s Therapy Session for the Disgruntled Former Ambassador and Photoshopped it to make it appear Stefanik was flipping off the camera. And yesterday, this image went viral on Twitter.

Maybe because I spent the morning watching video clips of Congresswoman Stefanik during the hearing in preparation for a post I did that I immediately knew the image was not authentic.  See, the Photoshopper used the hand of a woman with deep, pink nail polish.  Only, Stefanik’s nails in the video clips I watched were not painted deep pink.  So I knew the image was not on the up-and-up.

But the Trump-hating ResistanceLOL on Twitter fell for it hook, line and sinker – including that vile gelatinous oaf George Conway. KEEP READING

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  1. It would seem that Schiff is expressing his opinion of the Constitution, our system of justice and the the American people as a whole. Let’s spread this one.

  2. My thing with the George Conway Righteous Republican is he broadcast the fake bird flipping and has quadrupled down on it by repeatedly encouraging people to donate to Stefanik’s Democrat challenger and donating the maximum campaign donation to her out of his own pocket.

    If I was Kellyanne Conway, his shit would be on fire on the front lawn and if he wants to talk about it he’s next. With his midsection burning like a tire fire for all eternity.

  3. It’s obvious that the image was photo shopped. Schiff lacks the motor skills to raise his middle finger like that

  4. I honestly do not understand why Kelly Ann Conway remains married to that POS. Sorry, I’m not one of those that get bent out of shape when some media lapdog asks her about her husband or marriage, even when it is CNN. Personally, I think she should be asked why she puts up with it and if she tells him to knock it off.


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