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This is Pretty Much What the AverageTrump Hater Would Say and Do

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  1. In his defense he was unable to watch CNN this morning because he was protesting therefore he didn’t know the latest talking points.

  2. But they are never REALLY done talking, are they?

    They just yell louder about something else.

    And if all else fails, they burn, loot, and murder.

    It would be more accurate to say done talking RATIONALLY.

    Because in lying words and destructive actions, these people never, EVER shut up.

  3. When Trump won a libtard I work with told me he would never be POTUS because of ongoing lawsuits like Trump University. I explained that is a civil suit and he should go look up how many times Obama was sued. He was shocked and in disbelief. They are completely clueless and yet they think they know everything.

  4. I give you ladies and gentlemen, the next press secretary. He would have gotten it soon but he’s the wrong color. Sexual orientation seems to be about right. He is at least more articulate than Karine Jean-Piette.

  5. Hey, armchair prosecutor, how come none of these “provable criminal acts” were never, you know, “proven”? I rest my case. I mean, I’m done talkin’. Your Honor.

  6. Listen to that stupid faggot asshole… Christ, he deserves a punch in the face for that “I’m done talking.” cop out. Typical of the argumentative style of these fucking democrat morons.

  7. i’ve mentioned this before, but in the run up to the 2020 election i asked an employee of mine why he was so anti-trump. he said ‘trump is just such a liar’. i asked what lies trump had told, and the employee couldn’t come up with anything – nothing! All he could come up with is that he’d heard the part about trump’s lying on the news.

  8. Someone could do a series on people like this and call it:
    “10 Seconds Ago Nobody Knew You Were A Fool”

    Plenty of subject matter out there!

  9. OMG! That guy has got to be in his 50’s, but I put him right up there with asking a millennial who the VP is, they don’t know. The guy protesting and nothing he can put his finger on why Trump should be arrested. I bet that guy is triple jabbed……he needs 1 more to drop dead. About all I’m seeing these days are irrational people acting irrationally. What the heck is causing all this craziness? Fear, despair, even so Lord Jesus come!

  10. This birdbrain should know that I’ve got a parrot that’s intelligent enough to repeat “provable criminal acts” over and over again…

  11. CNN blasts out the same song & dance daily: Trump is a criminal who still undermines democracy even though he is out of office.

    I don’t know where they get that from – most likely their brains are fogged up with drugs and sick images and noise from the entertainment industry.

  12. Provable Criminal Act #1) Hired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

    Provable Criminal Act #1 Charge) Criminal Insanity.

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