This is racist, no?

Czar of Freedom saw this at Costco.

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  1. Racism is mouse nuts compared to being a newly married young man and walking into your bedroom and seeing that. Honestly.
    Rumor has it they sell a white compound to black people. Who’s the Tar Baby now.
    I’m over saturated with Politically Correct ass holes. It seems everyones broken their funny bone.

  2. “It’s used to cure blackheads!” – MJA
    That’s one of those Star Trek “EVERYTHING I TELL YOU IS A LIE!”
    destructo-programs, isn’t it?!? I mean…blackheads are evil, but blackface to kill it is evil…but blackheads are evil…!!!!!

  3. Jethro – This is what it’s comes to.
    Screen shots of Whoopi from “The View”
    Ditto your disdain.
    No Need to pile on with the follow-up.
    Got it all in 1 thread, whiteheads and blackheads.

  4. Petrus ~
    How dare you show a picture of one of Oblowme’s most serious interviewers!

    You thought we forgot didn’t you…

  5. I remember my first trip to Hunt’s Point, NY, NY.
    Delivering a load of produce to the terminal market.
    The Old Man told me if I got lost to go to a police station to get good directions,
    2AM and I’m banging on this precinct door when all of a sudden all I could see was a set of teeth.
    Big black seargent opened the door laughing his ass off and saying he’d never seen facial expressions quite like that on a white boy.

  6. I use Ahava (Israeli) Dead Sea mud mask that is medium brown and it exfoliates and tightens and cleans. And feels great when I’m done with it.

  7. I’ve seen similar at the check-out line at WalMart. I’ve always been amazed nobody has called a riot over it…. so far. I’m in Arizona so that may be part of the reason…


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