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This Is Still CNN


In June, the average price for a gallon of gas hit $5, but since prices have dropped. As of Friday morning, AAA reports that the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.91.

And according to CNN, Americans should take that dip in gas prices and view it as a tax cut — or even a “$100-a-month raise” — not a joke. More

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  1. Hmmm……regular gas average prices……

    21JAN21 reg gas was $2.115 per gallon
    21JAN22 reg gas was $3.004 per gallon
    23FEB22 reg gas was $3.54 per gallon
    14JUN22 reg gas was $5.02 per gallon
    17AUG22 reg gas was $3.94 per gallon

    Yeah thanks pedojoe46.

  2. Ed357,

    Its like getting pounded by the 2nd biggest dong in a gangbang and saying “It ain’t so bad.” – justine turdeau

  3. **Off Topic**
    Clint Eastwood Marathon on TCM ongoing…
    Turner Classic Movies…commercial free & uncut

    Some offbeat movies like The Gauntlet
    That movie is over the top but I loved it as a teenager.

  4. BTW, gas has only dropped 60 cents from it’s peak here in Vegas…
    Fuck you brandon*!
    YOU did that!

  5. Let’s do the math. A $300 a month pay cut in June at $5 per gallon, followed by a $100 pay increase in August at $4 per gallon equals a net pay cut of $200 per month for the time OBitme has been in office.

    Yeah, math was never a strong subject for the ruling class.

  6. They can shitcan all the goofball hacks they have around, and they’ll still be a turd, though with better wrapping. Like the NY Times.

  7. The responses from the democrat drones was so infuriating, it almost made me want to open a Twitter account. Almost.

  8. “The steady drop in gas prices over the last few months has turned into an unexpected form of economic stimulus”

    FU CNN! Hell, even it the price of gas returned to a little over two dollars a gallon I would still be pissed off at the democRATz for fucking us over for the last 20 months!!

  9. So by Marxist math, 5 million illegals jumped the border instead of 10 million so the Pedo prevented 5 million from entering…

    See how that works?

    Where are our resident anonymous trolls to defend CNN and their satanic master pedo. Cat got your tounges?

  10. Expecting a change at CNN because of a change in personnel is like expecting a change in Congress by electing all repuglicans.

  11. Expecting a change at CNN because of a change in personnel is a lot like sitting on the toilet at midnight and watching the clock hit 12:01. Same old shit, just a different day!

  12. $3.91? huh?

    See now, liberals can’t math. You know how I know? Because in N. Illinois it’s still $4.99. Yet the liberals around here give Joetard all the credit for lowering the price. huh?? It’s literally 1 frickin penny lower than the highest average ever recorded.

  13. The same subhuman pieces of shit that were crowing about your 4th of July BBQ costing 16¢ less in 2021 thanks to their illegitimately installed usurper of the stolen Office of President of the United States.

    They can suck my ass

  14. Cheapest I saw today was at an Indian Casino and it was $5.89/gal. Cheapest place in town. Two gas trucks restock it everyday. If you buy gas at the casino, we don’t pay the CA State sales tax on it. Screw the State, that’s how I roll.

  15. June 22, 1993, “Patricia Nixon, wife of former President, Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace after the Watergate scandal, died today,” Lynn Russell — big titted CNN anchorette.

  16. What price decrease? I see little evidence of it where I live. This is gaslighting at a level never previously concieved of. They’ve already been called out for massaging market demand statistics at both the wholesale and retail level.

    They steal elections. What will they not do to stay in power?

  17. Yeah, and the Strategic Oil Reserve is also almost gone! Big price to pay for small decrease in gas prices! Boy, FJB has been a very busy Turd!

  18. It’s $3.32 at my local Mobil station. With my retiree’s discount, I’m paying just under $3.00. The only reason for the drop is that the supply is up because a lot of people have maxed out their credit cards and don’t have the cash to buy much gasoline anymore.

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