This is the 2,453rd Time I’ve Been Embarrassed To Be an American

Please bookmark this post. It will be invaluable. Use it any time you encounter a leftist who claims they are the party of intelligentsia.

This. THIS story is an embarrassment.

Just to be clear, I will provide a graph that shows you that the area in this story is solidly left-wing, and has been since 1992, the year Bill Clinton won the presidency.Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.40.08 PM

The Cotati-Rohnert school district in northern California has decided to give students a passing grade for showing up and not doing a thing, and this is being touted as amazing PROGRESS.

To my amazement, the students were actually smart enough to figure out that NOT handing in work earns a higher mark than handing in potentially failing work.

To get an F, a student most score below 20%. To get a C, a student doesn’t have to hand in ANY WORK. It’s a paradoxical loophole that most students have figured out, which will be their finest achievement.

The school is standing by their progressive decision.

From The Daily Caller –

a school district-wide rule forces teachers to give every student a score of 50 percent even if they don’t complete a scintilla of homework or make an effort to mark down an answer on a test or quiz.

Paradoxically, then, students who refuse to do any work at all can be awarded a respectable C grade in the Cotati-Rohnert Park school district while students who actually put forth effort could receive lower D or F grades.

“I found a lot under the old system that they were worried about the grades and less worried about the material,” Rancho Cotate High math teacher Adam Green told the newspaper. “Within the new system, it gives more of an opportunity for them to work their way toward an understanding of the material.”

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In case you were wondering, the school in Rohnert is 80% white, 18% Hispanic.

In case you were wondering, the 2,453 number in the post title refers to the number of days Obama has been in office.

2,453 dismal days of spiraling the commode.

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  1. Although I don’t have kids of my own I spend a lot of time with youth and talk to their parents. If I were a parent, my priority would be in the education and future potential of my child, not necessary what his grades were. And he sure wouldn’t be in this school district.

  2. This has been going on in CA for quite a while.
    7 years ago my oldest son was heading in a bad direction (the Army straightened him up for me), and got a D in a class. I talked to the school counselor, he said I was upset over nothing as a D was not failing.
    I asked how many kids got Fs. He informed me that the only way to get an F was to completely, 100%, refuse to participate at any level in a class, so effectively there were no Fs given.
    The counselor also informed me that if all work is turned in, even if it only has the kids name on it, a C grade was guaranteed.
    So, translating new grades form old grades;
    An A now equals a C when I went to school
    A B equals a D
    A C equals an F

    Home school your kids

  3. Then when our kids don’t learn anything and fall further behind the rest of the world, we will be told it’s because we are not spending enough money on education.

  4. “Within the new system, it gives more of an opportunity for them to work their way toward an understanding of the material.”

    What a bunch of crap!! Yeah right! That why they came up with Common Core (Communist Core). Common Core does nothing but confuse kids with silly pretzel-logic so that they are effectively not able to figure things out. The intention is to weaken America any way possible and this shit is used to mentally cripple our children! That and reward doing nothing! Great way to fuck up a whole generation!

  5. “Obamscore ” Yep. I read he’s urging congress to form a committee to review how much home work and how many tests are given in different school districts and set a national standard. He feels our kids are being over eduimicated. Especially those inner city kids.

  6. Well if you wanna apply real life situations, I personally consider a 5% success rate an achievement especially when you’re involved with prototypes. But when you’re drawing triangles and things, no reason for less than 90% success all the time.

  7. In 40 years after the Hillary-Hillary, Moochelle-Moochelle, Chelsea-Chelsea, Malia-Malia, Sasha-Sasha presidencies, 73 will be considered a genius IQ.

    Fairwell and adieu to ye fair Spanish ladies…

  8. “Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] content with their humble role in life, because they’re not tempted to think about any other role.”

    — William T. Harris U.S. Commissioner of Education Source: 1889

    “Nothing enrages me more than when people criticize my criticism of school by telling me that schools are not just places to learn math and spelling, they are places where children learn a vaguely defined thing called socialization. I know. I think schools generally do an effective and terribly damaging job of teaching children to be infantile, dependent, intellectually dishonest, passive
    and disrespectful to their own developmental capacities.”

    — Seymour Papert
    (1928- ) South African-born MIT mathematician, computer scientist, educator, pioneer in artificial intelligence, inventor of the Logo programming language

    Education, huh? what? …

  9. This district is 15 minutes down the freeway from me. Trust me, this is happening all over The People’s Socialist Quagmire of California. And yes, there are grow rooms in many houses in Sonoma County. It’s how people make a little money on the side.

    When my oldest son was in high school, he told me that he spoke to the teacher whose job it was to go through all of the STAR testing answer cards and if something looked fishy (literally), to destroy that card. You see, the kids would fill in the little answer bubbles in a way that would make designs on the cards. Fishes, birds, dogs, cats, whatever. Those were removed so the school didn’t look bad. And this was not an occasional happening. The school had to assign a teacher to do this — it happened a LOT.

    This is why CA schools are 49th out of 50.

  10. Please tell me, how this is not “Idiocracy” in the works.
    Free ride now, requirements later.
    Personal excellence not a goal to be achieved; mindless yes.
    Result: heavy downgrading of potential personal prosperity.

  11. A world without convictions or right judgment. Yeah…THAT’S what we want!
    Because…it would insult a pure democracy.

  12. Makes me ashamed to admit that I grew up in that school district. Sure, they were all podunk schools in Sonoma County, but they weren’t so bad. But today … not so much.

    Well, I have to say that the policy perfectly fits a well-preserved hippie town like Cotati.

  13. Hell I think I’m finally ready to go back to college and get that PHD. Just have to do a bit of research and see which one requires minimal study, no homework or dissertation.

    America is truly becoming a third world country.

  14. This is essentially welfare, except instead of giving money they are giving “C”‘s. A good training tool on how to dog the system to keep you eating your whole life, but never accomplishing anything.

  15. This is such a momumentally bad idea that I don’t believe anyone had the students in mind at all. This was done so that the teachers really don’t have to teach, the administrators don’t have to monitor pesky things like student or faculty performance, and the parents don’t have to parent. Everyone benefits except for the students who, as is usual for programs “for the children,” get screwed.

    Good luck in the future, kids. Sure, that 81% may be an “A” and your transcript may fool some university into accepting you, but you will have learned no skills to make it in college or the real world. Another Democrat voter is thus created.

  16. You think it’s hard to make it in college?
    It’s hard to make it in fields that have definitive truths, answers and guidelines, like engineering, architecture, medicine.
    Not so much for the bulk of college “studies.”
    This is the bread and butter.
    ____________ Studies. Fill in the blank.

    Colleges are raking it in placating morons and making them think they are geniuses.

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