This is the best Planned Parenthood Ad EVER!

This should be worth a lot of votes for the right.

I’m just going to say Click at your own risk.

(It’s on youtube, how bad can it be??? They have all sorts of guidelines, ones that had my channel removed from the site, so what’s to worry about?)

h/t words fail me


28 Comments on This is the best Planned Parenthood Ad EVER!

  1. Um, don’t they already do that to everyone that is willing? Is this a demand to have relations with those whom say no? I have a washer and dryer in my house, is that the same? I’m so confused. Oh, is this some sort of play on words to continue the tax payer funding of the black genocide that planned parenthood was started for in the first place? I think that might be it, but I’m not sure. Might have something to do with the endangered snow leopard or something.

  2. i think i just watched something that would break my heart. The degeneracy of the left has devoloved into 85% pure evil. Not far to go to hit that 100% mark.

  3. Even with the warning, I watched…..

    WTH ?!!!!!

    I saved this video just so when it’s pulled by the Ministry of Truth, it can be re-shown to prove the absolute evilness of the Left.

    This is proof positive of the need for a CWII.

  4. I have to admit, after watching these vile, repugnant cretins spew filth I am now ready to support retroactive abortions for them all!

  5. WTF did that F word fest mean ???
    Why would you be angry beacause a person
    owns a 200 dollar used washing machine???
    and you don’t.

  6. Do not be shocked, alarmed or surprised.

    You must understand this is who the LEFT is.

    This is the same crowd that believes in abortion ON DEMAND right up to birth.

    Yet WE are called the Nazees…

    They are the REAL Eugenisists- THe REAL Nazees…

    Filmed in the hot bed of a sewer.

    @ Hambone- yes pray.

    @ 4FU – no civi # 2


  7. Degenerates have always chose to boink their twisted brains out. Nobody’s trying to stop them. That’s never been the issue. The issue has always been the consequence of their actions. Somehow, venereal diseases, unplanned/unwanted pregnacies are no problem for deviance devotees. Their solution – take a pill or terminate a life. It’s not that easy, but the left never tell their deviant trolls the truth.

  8. it would’ve been more believable as an SNL skit.
    Somebody send this to Lorne Michaels, STAT!

  9. This video must have been written by Robert DeNiro. It seems to fit with his limited vocabulary.


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