This is the side of President Trump that the media doesn’t want anyone to see.

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  1. It’s not the only thing the media doesn’t want the country to see about Trump. They don’t want the country to see ANYTHING about him. If they could not report on him they wouldn’t. He is bringing a new hope to millions of Americans and they can’t stand it. The more he speaks and acts, the clearer the difference between America and the left is seen.

  2. I was actually surprised to find out what a kind, selfless person he is. He really isn’t all about himself. It’s so refreshing and I love him for it.

  3. Thanks MJA for posting both of President Trump’s video’s today. I’ve been having a rough day and it brought a smile to my face. 😉

  4. Think about the life he had before he decided to run. A multi billionaire that people from both sides looked up to. Married to a gorgeous woman that loves the ground he walks on. Incredible family. Iconic venues. Welcomed anywhere. No. 1 TV show. Best selling author. He had it down. He was at that point in life where he could sit back & cruise and HE’D STILL BE KILLING IT.

    Of course he has a monster ego, anyone running for President must have one(his makes the others look like mirco-egos)

    When he says he loves this country and wants to give back to it, I believe him to the the core of my soul. The man isn’t a politician, he’s a leader.

    The filth he’s had to put up with makes me sick. He has power that none of us can comprehend and uses it for us.

    We are blessed beyond words to have this man as President.

  5. The simple fact is in that he comes off as very sincere.

    The leftie filth do not.

  6. The propaganda arm of the

    SMELLOCRAT party

    which is called the msm

    are not attuned in any way to report
    something nice about potus Trump

    Even though they CRIMINALLY shielded
    the Lord G-D O’Bama from any form of
    criticism whatsoever and regardless
    how justified !

    The msm, the smellocrats,and their owner
    George Soros
    are going to rule the USA
    they are going to enslave all Americans
    and anyone who gets in their way
    will be destroyed.

    You either accept the Communism
    of the smellocrats or

    You WILL BE erased !

  7. @MMinAR — I don’t think POTUS Trump’s ego is outsized at all. He’s accomplished so much and has been good at so many things, I think his so-called braggadocio is simply stating facts. I get it, because I catch myself sometimes praising my own mastery of something. Once, when I thought I was by myself and no one could hear me, as I finished a piece of work I stood back and said, “Wow! That’s as good as it gets.” My client just happened to walk in at that moment and to cover my embarrassment I looked at her and said, “No one is ever more surprised than me when things turn out right, but I do have to stop praising my own work.” Some would say it’s ego or a lack of humility, but I think it’s an acknowledgement of God’s amazing gifts and how he uses us to express those. I am constantly amazed and thankful at how generous God is.

    I thank Him every day for our talented president. I don’t doubt that Trump thanks Him every day, too.

    Plus, he seems to sincerely love giving public credit and praise to others for a job well done. I don’t remember barry EVER doing that without stuttering over “I”, “Me” “Mine” several hundred times first.

  8. I still think it takes a very big ego to say to yourself, yeah, President of the United States and leader of the free world, I can do that.

    I’ve climbed some mountains in life & attained goals and have surprised myself, I’ve walked away from closings that made me a millionaire, my work has been featured on the cover of a national magazine. I’ve also made some whopping mistakes, real head shakers.

    Still I’ll match my life with Obamas’ in a second, I haven’t used race or scammed people or lied to get what I have enjoyed in my life. I’ve planned and risked and worked for it. But do I have the ego he has to say I can run for the presidency? And do the job?(not that he did) Nope.

    It takes someone with a lifetime of experience and some grand vision combined with the ego to take on the presidency. You need them all. Trump has them in spades.


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