This Is The Waning Of The Age Of Aquarius

Mark Steyn takes a look at recent developments in Europe, particularly Italy’s new government which seems to have acquired a backbone when it comes to unwanted migrants. The citizens of Europe appear to be tiring of their Europarty elite run governments and are showing signs of  taking back control of their own destiny. More

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  1. Hell, Italy has already taken in far too many.
    I remember years back when American student Amanda Knox took the fall for a murder committed by an African “migrant” named Rudy Guede.

  2. Europe is dead. the most vibrant economy in the world, for the last century has been the United States of America. we are the world leader in practically every facet of economic (& military) capacity

    they want to tear us down. the New World Order demands it. the feckless ‘leaders’ of a world that has rotted for 2 centuries is trying to tell the real New World Order to give them back their former hegemony. only they can rule. how dare someone else claim their mantle!

    the future either reeks of total Totalitarianism or true freedom of mankind as expressed in the US Constitution. the last, great hope of mankind is still the US Constitution. no one has come up w/ anything better. NO ONE. the European (& US) elitists side with, & adamantly fight for, elitist Totalitarianism

    do you grovel & become a slave, or do you fight for your right to be your own self?

    … in the end it’s our choice …. we either march, happily to the gulag … or fight
    choose wisely, grasshopper

  3. True story, kinda related. Just before December 31st, 1999, I was about to be done with college. Some fools in my department got it in their heads that 2000 would be the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and really REALLY seemed to believe “something big” was about to happen on New Year’s. They were in the theater department auditorium that afternoon with the Fifth Dimension blaring over the PA while they did their moronic hippie dance on the stage, no doubt half of them already stoned.

    Let me emphasize, I knew most of these neo-pagan whackjobs and at least a few of them were unhinged enough to TRULY believed some kind of spiritual cosmic alignment was about to take place, and were desperate to help usher it in.

    My point is, that event drove home something for me that has only been reinforced since: If people now do stuff like this and on some level believe it, or undignify themselves to remain on food stamps, or stand in line for 3 hours just to get their hand stamped to take a 5 minute roller coaster ride…just wait until people worldwide have to choose between taking a world leader’s mark of approval in their hands and foreheads, or starving and being put to death. There’s no room for argument – not only will they accept it, they’ll demand it. And it is coming.

  4. The Age of Aquarius lasted for two weeks in the summer of 1967 and was confined to a two-block section of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

  5. “When every last Trudeau eyebrow has been scraped off the floor of the Manoir Richelieu…”

    Hilarious. Almost as good as Steyn’s riff on Macedonian content farmers. 😉

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