This is the year I finally pay it off!!! – IOTW Report

This is the year I finally pay it off!!!

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  1. SNS, So is the Grand Canyon, but it’s still a good crack…..

    Happy New Year

    Let’s continue to go Brandon!

  2. I had to join RCA record club. My brother was already the Columbia House member from our household. It was hell not having real time tracking info available. How did we survive?

  3. ^ ^ ^
    You just stacked another load of 45s onto the spindle adapter
    and did the Swim or the Frug. What else could you do?

  4. Now, we’re all subscribed to the D.C. House, and we’ll never be able to pay it off. Not even our kids and their kids.

  5. I quit my job in retail when I was in college, 1972 still owing the retail clerks union a few months back dues. Been looking over my shoulder ever since.

  6. Bought my first and only 8-track player through Columbia House. Never did finish buying my required minimum. They just gave up on me, guess they figured that they had made plenty of money off me. That, plus my Dad wrote them a threatening letter.

  7. I had no problem paying it off.

    Simply write “DECEASED” on the billing slip and sent it back.

    Never heard from them again.

  8. I remember joining a “club” where you could buy bootleg 8-track tapes for 75 cents. The club was supposed to be some kind of a dodge around copyright laws. It didn’t work for long.

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