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This is true, about the 2020 election, and every honest person knows it

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  1. I’ve watched this twice and posted about it last night.
    So very true and irrefutable!

    Meanwhile, our TRUE President is in Las Vegas watching UFC 264- McGregor against future sleeping opponent.

    Speaking of sleeping, biden* has been in bed since 7PM Eastern, after his ice-cream of course…

  2. PS. It was a record 117 degrees here in Vegas today, a record high.
    President Trump COULD have held an outdoor pre-fight rally that attracted 50,000 cheering patriots in the sweltering heat.
    He would have worn his trademark blue jacket and long, red tie.
    He wouldn’t have missed a beat.

    Of course I have to give biden* credit too.
    He could have held an indoor, 72 degree rally with a dozen people in their designated circles, wearings masks.

    80 million votes M Y – A S S !

  3. Yada yada yada. And who’s side was Fucker Carlson and the rest of Fox on that night? Sure as hell wasn’t ours. Thanks for framing the battle for us Fucker. But we’ve already figured this shit out.

  4. Brad, in all honesty, Tucker is all we have on Fox now*.
    He wasn’t part of the Fox biden* team.

    Laura & Sean and a few others like Pete Hegseth are still decent folks.
    Tucker isn’t perfect but for fucks sake, can we not beat ourselves?
    Tucker has the NSA and ALL of the US spies on his ass.

  5. Brad, that is exactly right!! All these no good bastards could have been screaming from the rooftops from day one! But no, they were no where to be found. Now that it appears the evidence is coming out these TRAITOROUS BASTARDS are grudgingly making very carefully crafted statements. I could not be more disgusted with the media, the congress, the intelligence community, the executive branch, the uniparty, and the uninformed voting assholes that can’t wait to vote for the next gift wrapped present from the government Santa Claus. They have all sold us down the river.

  6. Tucker wasn’t on during election night.
    They had a murderers row of never-Trumpers calling Arizona early and I tuned out.
    You guys can blast Tucker all you want but what the hell did you want him to do?
    Seriously, he is the only guy calling balls and strikes these days.
    Hell, he is being SPIED on by the US GOVERNMENT and HE IS FUCKING CALLING THEM OUT!
    No wonder we lose, we look gift horses in the mouth and expect fucking PERFECTION from everyone.
    Good grief guys…sigh*

  7. That’s all good Loco, but instead of supporting Sydney Powell he helped bury her effort. He is maybe 60% committed to our side.

  8. joe6 with all due respect, he only questioned Sidney Powell like anybody else would.
    Did you want her treated with kid gloves after she promised to “release the Kraken?”
    She built it up and failed to deliver.
    If she had the goods, Tucker would have given her the full hour or full fucking WEEK of his show.
    He knows the election was stolen, otherwise the video in this post WOULDN’T BE FUCKING POSTED!

    You and Brad are being thickheaded about Tucker.
    I am saddened by this because I respect you guys.
    His show is #1 for a reason.
    Sidney Powell did not deliver and I can’t blame him for being even handed with her. He did not sabotage her.
    Hell, he crucified Avenati while CNN had his nuts in their mouth 24/7!
    I have to defend Tucker here guys.

  9. Loco, OK, you’re right Sydney Powell did not deliver the Kraken. That is in fact a MAJOR weakness on her part. However, Tucker Carlson is a questionable commodity in my mind. If he is on FOX he has corporate responsibilities, and those responsibilities carry obligations. There is about 10 people I trust completely, half of them are in my family, none of them are on teevee.

  10. joe6, think about this:
    Tucker has a family that gets death treats DAILY!
    They came to his HOME!
    He likely spends six figures for security each year.
    If I were him I would cash out next year. Fuck it!
    This country is no longer worth it.

    Why bother when people like you won’t even respect his effort?
    You guys are so wrong about him and it aggravates me because he brings the fire more than anybody who is supposedly on our side.

    Have you heard him BLAST Kevin McCarthy for living with that asshole polester Frank Luntz?
    N O B O D Y !

  11. OK Loco, I do give him some credit. We need more like him in the media. I’m just suspicious of those that appear more vocal now than they were in the past. He might be genuine, I hope he is.

  12. I’m with you, Loco. Thank you for having some hope that we aren’t totally lost as a country.

    Reading these comments that are nothing but doom and gloom is getting pretty boring. I wonder how many people don’t even bother reading comments anymore because they can get this shit on CNN.

  13. Claudia, I think a whole bunch of us have hope. It’s just that we realize there is a war that has to be won. That’s not necessarily doom and gloom as much as it is a realization of where we are at. I used to rep for a guy that had as his saying, “Every Day is War!”. I liked the hell out of him…..most of the time.

  14. Tucker Carlsons employment history

    CNN (2000–2005)
    PBS (2004–2005)
    MSNBC (2005–2008)
    Fox News (2009–present)

  15. The best con job mixes truth with lies. (What idiots actually believed the Russia hoax, the pee dossier.)

    This piece and the Huckster Carlson are patronizing and insulting, purporting to explain why some deluded and disappointed now overly-credulous and naive conservatives (you’re not one of those little people, are you?) are susceptible to “conspiracy theories” about the election, etc.

  16. Millions of liberal liars know it is true. Being lib they lie. Naming just 5: GWB and Jeb, Karl Rove, Adam, Joe B., C. Wallace.

  17. Wonderful summary! I believe even the Dems in office are worried about America waking up to the facts with Joe running interference in PA and Nancy unleasing her hounds to sniff out white supremacists not to mention the full on steroids lying Media trying to put out fires,cover up truth.

  18. joe6pak – “there is a war that has to be won.”

    Agree. But do you think telling the troops that all is lost is a way to encourage the fight?

    Or if you constantly knock down people who are handing out ammunition because they aren’t perfect?

    You don’t win wars by demoralizing your troops. You encourage them to fight. Yes, you have to tell the truth, but give us more than “give up because we already lost”.

  19. Grace Curley read this on air. The entire thing.
    I hope someone on Twit will screen shot it and post it.
    It is great stuff.

  20. Enough about Tucker. They can beat him down from now till never, but to effect real oppression and coercion, they must make thousands of visits to thousands of little guys. Let’s talk about this little guy Darryl Cooper. Has he been tossed from SocMed yet? Is the IC now dredging his records and listening in? I imagine that at the very minimum, SocMed is throttling him and those who spread his message.

    Tucker can yell through his megaphone, and be very publicly threatened and vilified. The same goes for the others, like Powell, Bannon and Giuliani. We can watch them in the Ultimate Deep State Fights on TV, and one week they’re heroes, the next week they’re villains. But you and I, and Darryl Cooper, and the dozens of patriots who languish indefinitely in a DC jail will be fighting a private, and losing battle with Leviathan when their eye falls upon us. And not even the little guys who think they run with Leviathan by their own choice will know or care what happens to us, here and there, one at a time and unreported.

    So, good for Tucker. He sticks his neck out, and he’s got a lot to lose. I just hope he follows up on Darryl Cooper to see how this all worked out for him. And maybe a spotlight on, and a reading of names of the political prisoners of 1/6.

  21. I’m with Señor Loco on this one. Carlson is doing as much as he can.

    And Brad & Joe6, I respect y’all but we need to hang together or surely we will all hang separately. Capisce?

    As for Newsmax, they sure as hell aren’t perfect. I seem to recall they were scared shitless after the election fraud and the Jan 6 FBI False Flag op. The chickenshits were self-censoring themsves and censoring on-air, people like Mike Lindell.

  22. Those on Tucker’s side are correct in their support of what he is saying today. I hope he can be counted on tomorrow. We will see.

  23. Mansfield Lovell

    Tucker seemed to feel a little different about the possibility of a stolen election the night he ambushed Sidney Powell. This was a great piece Cooper did. I’m shocked Tucker covered it.
    After the election I don’t think there was a single reader here that said they were swearing off FOX for good. Short memories.

  24. Joe Mama

    Time to get up out of moms basement and take your walk. Any exercise is better than none. Killer.

  25. It’s obvious that Joe Mama and all other little troll bitches got kicked square in the nads by Darryl Cooper, judging by their rage on the internet. Indeed, my cup of troll tears doth overflow, and all of this troll spittle means some boots are going unlicked on the left.

  26. This is the greatest summation of the whole mess I have ever heard. I thank Tucker for reading it. Afterwards, it was picked up by many others. Couldn’t have said it better.


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