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By the way, why can’t a person do both if they choose? They can get the jab and then do this protocol, right?

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  1. They better start with this because the hospitals are overrun with the jabbed. The unjabbed are being denied treatment not because they are unjabbed, but because the jabbed are clogging the system. FJB

  2. Within 10 days of a positive test or covid symptoms you must get dose of monoclonal antibodies. This treatment will most likely keep you out of hospital and increase chance of survival.

    Your family doctor should be able to tell you where to get it. Treatment is either IV or an injection.

    This out patient treatment is for the unvaxed and the vaxed with symptoms of covid or a positive test within 10 days of onset. After 10 days it doesn’t help much.

    This is the treatment FL Governor pushing, gets such good results. Our taxes already paid for it so there is no additional charge.

  3. If you can’t get it in your state just drive (or better yet, FLY) to Florida and go right to one of the clinics.
    (using leftist logic)

  4. I believe the protocol is for vaxed and unvaxed. But treatment must start at least 7 – 10 days of symptom onset or positive test.

    Once your lips are blue, and you’re in the ER it’s too late for you. Treatment must start early. As an outpatient. 10 day window.

  5. BFH in answer to your specific question:


    It makes no difference if the person is vaxed or not, they need the same outpatient treatment. So if you’re vaxed you should be taking all the helpful OTC drugs and supplements the unvaxed have been using.

    If you wait until your lips are blue and you’re in the ER it’s too late for the outpatient regimen, then the inpatient plan starts, which is not as effective.

  6. I wonder if some of the items in the protocol can help with vaccine induced symptoms, as the spiked protein appears to be the major culprit?

  7. 80 to 90% or more admitted into hospitals are the unvaxed. Hospitals can not do unapproved medications or treatments due to liability.

  8. Howzabout I ignore the whole fucking thing?

    If it gets me? Oh well.

    I refuse to live in fear and am not subservient.

    This free man chooses none of the above.

  9. Anonymous — Why not quote the scarier 98% my state health director throws around? (At least she doesn’t use the more obviously phony 99%.)

    Physicians and hospitals use off-label all the time. It is highly unusual for the FDA to forbid the use of off-label drugs, particularly during a health crisis involving a novel pathogen for which there are no existing treatment protocols.

    In any case, what is being discussed here are pre-hospitalization treatments. Treatments that can keep people out of the emergency room and the hospital.

    These protocols can do no harm. The items in them are safer than most over-the-counter drugs. There are no definitive studies that can prove these treatment protocols are ineffective. Why ban them?

    Last November, after being diagnosed with the Xi virus, my oldest brother went to the emergency room three times and was sent home. The fourth time, he refused to go home. He spent three days on oxygen and remdesivir, among other things. Had he patiently waited to be admitted under their protocol, he would likely be dead — like thousands of others.

    I have no idea why my state was not using monoclonal antibodies at that time (they had been cleared for use ten days before and were available). Nearly a year later, they only recently began making them available here, on a limited basis.

  10. “Howzabout I ignore the whole fucking thing?”

    Yep. My twins both had it months apart. Not even a bad cold. I tried to get it from them, both times. No luck. I l’ve been taking vitamins all my life, including D3 and zinc. Somebody else may need the Ivermectin and HCQ more than I do, so I will forgo stocking up on those. Tombstone mind and I don’t mind dyin’, but really…the coof? Please. Bring it.

  11. And while we are distracted with germ scare porn, some low intelligence people wandering about in zombie masks, China sent a suborbital Mach 5 missile around planet yesterday. Can be loaded with nuke warhead.
    They are aggressors that can happily any target of their desire.

    Trump would have blown that to smithereens.

    Biden was wandering around the White House in his robe and slippers asking for tapioca pudding.

  12. You know what else works against COVID and many other bugs? Antioxidants. They get in the way of the bonding chemistry – similar to how ascorbic acid blocks calcium ions from bonding to oxalate molecules in Gout (that forms those painful, prickly crystals on your bones). I used to have onset gout in my feet every spring and summer eating tons of fresh spinach, beet greens, romaine and consuming beer. These days, I can consume as much of those as I want as long as I take 1-2 grams of C per day. It’s amazing what the right food – and vitamins – will do for you.

  13. I had the coof for two weeks last October (2020). Just did my regular regimen of multivitamins and other assorted. Got over it, no hospital, no “vaxx” injection.
    Started feeling woozy again, added zinc to my daily regimen, kicked it right out. No ivermectin, no HCQ. (but I really should stock up)

  14. @diff Tim.

    My plan is to live forever and so far it’s working out.

    But when my plan breaks down there will be no regrets.

    I refuse to cower to mandates from low IQ people like Biden, Northam and Fauci.

    If I had a Royal Irish ass, I would demand they kiss it.

  15. “Hospitals can not do unapproved medications or treatments due to liability.”


    Most meds are used “off label”. The label is more of an advertisement.

    You are a spreader of misinformation. No wonder you wish to remain anonymous. Evil coward, you are.

  16. Different Tim OCTOBER 18, 2021 AT 5:56 PM

    All this talk has me worried I could die someday.

    Every person that worries about dying, dies.

    Fact check true. 😉

  17. “Somebody else may need the Ivermectin and HCQ more than I do, so I will forgo stocking up on those”

    Stocking up for others is more than reasonable. I stock many things through the viewpoint of family and friends that will be in the life boat with me. Besides, it will have trade value in the future. All necessities will have trade value.

    You’re being small-minded and selfish to frame it only in your own very personal needs category. Do yourself, and all your family and friends, a favor – stock up on whatever you deem important!

    I think of it like bringing a first aid kit when I camp. I stock that with what I think will be useful that trip. Sometimes you stock snake-bite kits because of where you’re going. Hoping you never need them. But you bring more than one !

    This is also why you bring a large bag of chewing gum to class. So when the teacher asks if you brought some for everyone you can start passing out the gum and keep chewing. 😀

    Plan ahead!

  18. “They can get the jab and then do this protocol, right?”

    If they get the jab, they will probably need this protocol more than the rest of us.

  19. Life is a 100% fatal, sexually transmitted condition. Every birth certificate is a post dated death certificate, deal with it. The only difference is what you do in-between “Born On” and “Died On”


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