This is what I want my president to sound like

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A president should say, “most are wonderful people. Now we’re going to go after the ones that aren’t so wonderful. You have a problem with that?”

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  1. Most Germans weren’t a problem.
    Most Russians weren’t a problem.
    Most Japanese weren’t a problem.
    Most Italians weren’t a problem.
    It was their totalitarian minded leaders that were the problem.

    If they didn’t have oil the middle east muslims wouldn’t be a problem. They would just be killing each other in minor, 7th century style tribal conflicts OVER THERE!

  2. When I first joined the military, it was because I believed communism was our biggest threat. Before I left, six years later, Islam took the top spot.

  3. But the Islamofascists have joined up against the right. The secular left thinks they’ll be able to take out or REASON WITH the muzz when the right is wiped out. I’d personally like to see how Pelosi handles it when it’s down to crunch time and the muzz are telling the pols how it’s going to be.

  4. Say only 5% of moslems are extremist murdering psychopaths.
    Only 5%.

    That’s 65,000,000 fucking people!

    This is an enormous problem, and pretending it isn’t won’t make it better.

  5. Islam was invading europe loooong before oil was discovered.
    Oil is an ancillary issue. Islam would still be a problem.

    And, no, they are not wonderful people.

  6. Yes, and the rest of them either silently condone the murderous gangs of moslems or openly cheer them on. I don’t believe there is any other kind of moslem.

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