This is who Baldwin relied on for safety when he pointed gun at a camerawoman and pulled the trigger


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  1. I read that Baldwin was the Producer. He will ultimately be liable for money damages, regardless of any criminal culpability.

  2. “She did it! She gave me the hot gun! She knew I hated Hutchins! She knew I’d pull the trigger! SHE DID IT!!”

  3. Ah another case of incompetence, folks seeds are sown.All we can do is feast on laughter or tears..only starting folks let the harvest begin

  4. I don’t care who or what the armorer is or looks like, Baldwin still pointed a weapon at someone and pulled the trigger without checking it.

  5. Baldwin held and shot the gun. I don’t care what she looks like. It’s Hollyweird. Sounds like scapegoat time to me. Maybe she was one of the union crew who walked off the set, anyway. I don’t trust most of the stuff I read online.

  6. I read a lot of the crew walked out before this happened because of guns being shot a couple of times. Whoever hired that thing SHOULD be in trouble, but I doubt anything will happen to anyone.

  7. The first Perpetrator & 2 Victim2 of the new criteria from HollyWeird for diversity of cast & crew if you wish to be considered for and award ceremony.

    They are offing themselves.

  8. On Monday the cows on The View will find a way to blame all guns for this while they defend Mr. Schweddy Balls

  9. I always Judge a book by its cover.
    This book reads, I’m self obsessed, unreliable, & I need to be noticed constantly so I can complain about you noticing me.

  10. The question that has been bothering me about this “accident” is why would Alec Baldwin be pointing his prop gun at the cinematographer? She was not an actor in the film. Was it just an attempt at a stupid joke? Or did said gun just discharge a live round that walked into the prop gun of it’s own volition? I’m certainly not a detective, but something about this stinks to high heaven.

  11. I’m guessing he’s the big cheese around there so screwing around was common for him, probably high on something and seemed like a good idea at the time. Oh my bad, no wait, your fault.

  12. I took my best friend deer hunting many years ago. When we exited the woods, he happened to mention that he had spotted me and watched me through his rifle scope. I never took him hunting again.

  13. Brad: that still doesn’t answer the question as to why Baldwin pointed the gun at someone and pulled the trigger. That is on no one but Baldwin.

  14. RadioMattM

    To be clear I’ve already made your/that point. However, the plethora of current mis information is interesting. Nobodies losing sight of who pressed the trigger.

  15. Hambone, hunting accidents happen.
    I don’t blame you.
    I was hunting grouse years ago and as I was climbing a hill I stupidly had my finger on the trigger.
    I slipped and fired into the side of the hill.
    My friends weren’t that close but heard the shot.
    I was too embarrassed to tell the truth.
    Years later I came clean.
    They laughed but if I had been near someone…

  16. Remember Lt. Wang?
    He was the scope dope on the AWACS that was held accountable for the friendly fire shootdown of a US helicopter over Iraq instead of the F-15 Trigger puller.

    Nothing surprises me anymore in libtard world!

  17. Should have been on the terrorist watch list! Certainly has no business being around real weapons. Certainly a fine example of why Playdough cans have “Do Not Eat” warnings on them!

  18. I can see it now…
    all the armed thugs are gonna blame the person who handed them the firearm and ammo for the tragic death of the victim!


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