“This is why people don’t like us” – Rep. Doug Collins

Regarding the dems slimy eleventh hour postponement of Impeachment vote–


Ranking Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., raised an immediate objection as Nadler began leaving, saying it was “the most bush-league stunt” he had ever seen.

“Mr. Chairman, there was no consulting with the ranking member on your schedule for tomorrow — you just blew up schedules for everyone?” Collins asked incredulously. “You chose not to consult the ranking member on a scheduling issue of this magnitude? This is the kangaroo court we’re talking about. Not even consult? Not even consult? 10 a.m. tomorrow?”

He later told reporters: “This is why people don’t like us. This crap like this is why people are having such a terrible opinion of Congress. What Chairman Nadler just did, and his staff, and the rest of the majority who sat there quietly and said nothing, this is why they don’t like us. They know it’s all about games. It’s all about the TV screens. They want the primetime hit. This is Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff and the others directing this committee. I don’t have a chairman anymore. I guess I need to just go straight to Ms. Pelosi and say, what TV hit does this committee need to do? This committee has lost all relevance. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.”

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  1. “They know it’s all about games.”

    Eventually, if they keep it up, those games are going to take a turn they won’t like.

    No, they won’t like them at all.

  2. Doug, you should have anticipated that they’d want the optics of a Friday the Thirteenth impeachmen eventt. These people are so far over the top, I’m just waiting for glitter bombs. No, that’s not right. They’re sad about impeachment. Maybe black armbands.

  3. Freedom of the press isn’t free when run mainly by the left, keeping many Americans in the “darkness” of their controlled TV/phone screens.

  4. I just ran across an Article about the “Guamster” Hank Johnson

    saying Trumps Chair was bigger than Everyone else’s…

    Allowing Him to Bully People ….

    These Congress Folks are not bright.


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