This isn’t even fuzzy math, this is absolute moronic math

Listen to the dumbass hens cackling and clapping on The View.

Not one of them can figure out that 2 cents on every dollar for people who make over 50 million dollars is a plan that requires everyone to freeze in time.

She assumes millionaires and billionaires are idiots and they would just be fish in a barrel, not doing any financial planning to keep the government’s mitts off their money.

Both CNN and Politifact think the plan is a bridge too far.

CNN says this amounts to a wealth tax, which is unconstitutional.

By the way, why are we forgiving student loans?



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  1. warren’s proposed new tax is not an income tax. It is an expanded ‘real estate’ tax. It is a tax on possessions, which include both tangible items (cars, house, paintings, etc) and investments. I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I would assume income has to be a factor, but decreasing an income to below 50M would not cause exemption.
    As far as the math- I don’t know, but she’d contort such a tax all sorts of ways, once it was in effect and found to not be working.

  2. …taking other people’s property by your own force = robbey.

    …taking other people’s property by force of Government = Taxation.

    …it’s the difference between GOING to jail and OWNING the jail…

  3. Lizzy Warren makes another dazzling display of her economic ignorance. If you want more revenue from taxes, LOWER the rate. Proven by JFK, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.
    If you raise taxes, you decrease the revenue they generate to all levels of government. One thing is for sure, she is not a professor of economics.

  4. she sells it good, to those who don’t question it and expect to benefit from it.

    and I still want to know what happened to her dog.

  5. This is nothing more than ‘wishing’ to turn fantasy into reality.

    Walt Disney did a very good job of making the fantasy last until you left the theater.

  6. “Listen to the dumbass hens cackling and clapping on The View.”

    I can’t, I mean really, I am unable to. I realize that this dopey show is a never ending perpetual motion machine of idiocy, but there is something so revolting/toxic about Beher, Whoopi, even Meghan, that watching them for even a few seconds hurts my brain. I’m sure there is a medical explanation for this.

  7. “Wealth”? So, fucking 160,000 a year was “wealth”? You fucking rats! I was taxed at between 17% and 12% and you fucking rat cocksuckers call that wealth? I’m just as poor as I’ve ever been… whether I made 13.30 an hour, or 45 an hour. Or 0.

    But I guess it IS my fault for not being a criminal.

  8. Is it just me, but is Elizabeth Warren even less likable than Hillary Clinton?
    I took out my tape measure and rolled video of the both of them. My 7 incher shrunk to 1.5” with Hillary. 1.25” with Warren. Fully a quarter inch shorter. She’s max shrinkage. Like being dunked into a vat of ice.

    Trust the science.

    If women vote with their vaginas it’s only fair that I vote with my Johnson.

  9. Liz’s voice is almost as I irritating as HRC’s.

    What is it about the voices of the left that is so irritating? Is it the tone, cadence, what they say, how they say it?

    Is it actually the voice or hand gestures, combined?

    If they read or recited something non-political, like a bus schedule, would it be so annoying? Well, of course it would, because they’d make the bus schedule political,

    I can’t think of even one demoncrat whose voice i can listen to for more than a few seconds, without feeling that sound could have been used to cause the Martian heads to explode in MARS ATTACKS.

  10. Both Warren and Booker affect some kind of weird breathy artificial sort of singsong vocal when they utter their memorized horseshit. Mitt Romney semi-does it too. Very creepy.

  11. If you are stupid enough to borrow $120,000.00 on a gender studies degree, you deserve to pay it all back while working retail.
    Make the College take the loss for their worthless paper

  12. @PHenry ~ lmao … you’re correct … my PeckoMeter sez I woulda banged the HildaBeast in her younger incarnation, during her idiot college wankbag phase, but her ‘bangability’ quickly fell off the charts

    Liz otoh, would only be a pickup in a bar where the piss from the restrooms was slowly leaking out to the bar area (yeah, we’ve all been there) … after about 18 cheap beers


    That smellocrats can not
    economic cash flows
    and taxation


  14. Free college will come with a free living wage and free health care afterwards. Socialist utopia.
    In Cuba, everyone from doctors to taxi drivers, earn $30 a month. Socialist utopia.


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