This Isn’t What It Looks Like

Keaton Jones became an internet sensation this last week when a video of the young man talking about being bullied that had been posted by his mother to Facebook went viral.

The easily offended were soon out scanning Mom, Kimberly Jones’, Facebook post and found this image.  Manufactured outrage ensued, all of it misdirected and false.

The phenomenon of creating an instant hero then tearing that person down is called a “Milkshake Duck,” and BBC Trending explains how the Jones family became the latest victims of an attempted social media drive-by shaming.



6 Comments on This Isn’t What It Looks Like

  1. It was fucking Obama democrats who did this too. One lying negro vermin claimed the kid used the N-word. That was a completely made up story. Can imagine what kind of a sick fuck makes up a lie like that about a kid? He could’ve gotten the kid hurt or killed by some hot-headed peanut-brained black asshole at the kid’s school saying shit like that.

  2. It is crystal clear that the real victims here are Keaton’s bullies, the oppressed oppressors, not Keaton.

  3. No one gives a crap about your stupid cats or your ugly kids or your Starbucks selfie with a hashtag on the cup. Maybe the people who are closest to you care, but even still you’re with them in real life. Maybe you’re halfway around the world and want to show your family, that’s what email is for. The point of “social media” is to wait in the weeds until a group can point and show the rest of the world what a goof you are. And it’s usually over something retarded, maybe you took a selfie with a dead coon in the middle of the road; oh the horror. Lots of opportunity for parody accounts, however.

  4. Whoa… The Vox reporter mentioned in this article was part of a group I hung out with over 20 years ago. What a small world.


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