This Just In – It’s Trump and the Right Who Hate the Jews

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  1. I know lots of jews and Christians that aint good people at all.
    They’d sell u down the river for money, or to advance their future.
    lets cut the crap that the left is bad and the right is good. Period

  2. Jenny Jenny, look here Miss 867 5309, the damn left wants my guns. That makes the evil and much worse than the right.

  3. Bernie, your head’s cut off in your avatar. BTW, the right isn’t driving cars through rallies, hitting people with bike locks, spitting on people wearing red hats and shooting cops, aborting children just before birth, calling everyone Nazi, using the CIA and the FBI to set people up. I would go on, but you’d think all that shit would be enough for you, huh?

  4. Oh! Almost forgot. Bernie’s own campaign workers are threatening / beating EVERYONE who doesn’t want to work for nor vote for him. Did you see the Culinary Union’s goons threaten women because they want no part of Bernie? lol.
    Come on, dude.

  5. Pamela Geller would be my choice.

    She shits on lefties and is tough as nails.

    Nothing personal against Ben Shapiro, I like him, but I think she could bench press him too.

  6. Nice editing on that video, old commie Bern. Taking shit out of context to make Trump and everyone else sound like an anti-semite. This is what pushes the Bernouts to do the shitty shit they do in the streets.
    Even the other 2020 Dems candidates are telling him to rein in his little monsters and keep them away from their rallies, too.

  7. The only thing people need to understand is the lefties are commies, the right believes in actual freedoms and the only likely way to settle everything is another ‘civil’ war that sends the commies packing to foreign shores.

  8. Uh, well, first off the office of president has no religious test but if it did we’d have no president who is a devout Communist. We don’t care if you’re Jewish, but the Communist religion is antithetical to American freedom.

  9. jenny — I kinda doubt that you know “a lot” of Christians who aren’t good people. That sounds like something someone would say in order to discredit their opponents. In politics is known as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There’s more than a few shades of difference between the Right and the Left. The Left believes it takes a small cadre of elite intellectuals to tell everyone what the good life is and how to live it (nudging us into compliance, using the law as their weapon). The Right believe that all the People are individually sovereign with iviolable rights bestowed by God, not any man or group of men. By this (accurate) description, one can only conclude that the Left *is* bad and the Right *is* good, unless you agree that people should be herded like cattle by their so-called “betters.”

  10. Overall Jews vote Democrat’ and are liberal. Reagan drew in the 30%. Orthodox Jews however in LA and NY have been conservative and I doubt they will be taken by this load of crap. Expect Bloomberg to use it too.

  11. “Think Bernie ever sits Sabbath?” -Dr. Tar

    Don’t know, but I’ll wager he’s shit the Sabbath like he did his commune.

    Who knew (or cares) that Bernie was Jewish? But speculating, I’ll wager he’s as lazy about being Jewish as he is about work.


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