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This Kid Will Be Wearing “Wife Beaters” When He Grows Up

J. Crew teamed up with activist T-shirt maker prinkshop to do a limited series featuring feminist messages for young boys to wear. The things have sold out, but if other designs in the line are any indication, they were getting nearly $30.00 for these pink beauties. More



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  1. It is unfortunate that “wife beaters” acquired that appellation.
    I wore them as a young guy in the South and they were very comfortable.
    Cheap too, buy them in three packs.

    Damn redneck hillbillies ruined em for everyone.

  2. It’s just the trendy thing to do right now. And I don’t think the women buying these shirts understand what feminism means. Back in the way back, it was to help women get into the work force. But now? Now they’re just bitter bitches complaining about shit they already have, that someone else already got for them. What is it, at this moment, that women DON’T have?

  3. How about a translator for stuff like this
    I am a feminist too: My Two Mommies chug wine like derelicts. Or: My Dad cries during sex.

  4. Yeah. Wait until all these mommy-abused fatherless little boys, subjected to involuntary femdom- sissification as minors, turn 18 and Lawyer Up.

    There’s going to be a massive new industry of remedial psychotherapy (“Reclaiming Your Inner Manhood” ) and the Mother (sic!) Of All Class Action Suits against school boards, principals, teachers, transgendering clinics, NEA, female counselors mommy brought baby to, feminist authors, etc.

    Once the first few boys win big settlements, the deluge will exceed all predictions.

  5. MJA: What is it, at this moment, that women DON’T have?
    All Men in the world trained to cringe and apologize for existing

  6. LocoBlancoSaltine- Nothing to do with hillbillies out west. That term is affectionally accepted and used by the lowlife gangbanger latinos, ala ms-13 and every barrio gang around them.
    It’s usually worn with chinos cut off below the knees and white tube socks. Dont’ forget the Tres Flores!
    Have mercy. So many fashion rules broken.

  7. I don’t know what is worse, that or the mullets every son of a single mother, or dear ol’ dad in jail, was sportin back in the 1980s

  8. I crack up when I see studies and polls that show that women don’t want a sissified feminist man for a husband/boyfriend. You may see a woman walking around the mall with her noodle-legged BFF Feminist-man, but she’s got her eye on that dude sitting on the bench in front of JcPenney who looks like he could stuff her boyfriend in a trash can without breaking a sweat.

  9. What my experience leads me to believe is that most women want to live with a Beta male, but want (secretly or not) to reproduce with Alpha males
    The Beta male is safe, and does not invite trouble into the home.
    The Alpha male speaks directly to her evolutionary machinery. She wants those Alpha genes in her offspring so they will have better survival chances.

  10. JD; surfer hair is way worse than mullets. So is tight curly hair, dreadlocks, shaved heads on one side, pink hair, mohawks, etc. BTW, what sort of cut do you have? Just wondering since you seem to hate mullets so much.

  11. MJA — What do (feminist) women want that they don’t already have? To be treated more special-er than men in society without ever having to actually be more special-er. One very important idea I’ve gleaned from listening to David Horowitz of late is that the Left — in all its iterations — live entirely in Futureland and, conveniently for them, the future never becomes the present. It’s all a gauzy Utopia world where everyone and everything is perfect “someday”.

    Just like black leftist activists, feminista women don’t want to be treated equal, they want to be treated better than white men. Without having earned, on an individual basis, anything.

  12. I always thought that only slob Italian guys wore wife beaters. I didn’t know what a wife beater T-shirt was until one of my younger brothers told me they were called wife beaters back in the 70’s

  13. How about they get honest and make the t shirt feminazis really want to see: “Women are better than men” or “Girls are better than me” or “I’m going to grow up to be a big fat soy boy”.


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