This Must Reflect Badly On Hillary, Right?

A Hillary Clinton supporter pushed a man and battered a woman because they backed Bernie Sanders.

The batterer was the actor Wendell Pierce, from The Wire. He’s also the guy who just portrayed Clarence Thomas in the HBO treatment of the Anita Hill story.


Hillary is unfit for command if her backers hit rival candidate’s backers, no?

The Daily Mail-

Pierce, 52, was nabbed by Atlanta police officers outside the Loews Hotel at 3:30am, an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson told Daily Mail Online.

The actor was a guest at the hotel, police said.

‘The incident did not rise to anything significant so no special notification was made…it was treated like any other arrest a patrol officer conducts. Mr. Pierce made no indication he was famous nor did the officer inquire,’ police wrote in a statement to Daily Mail Online.

Jail records show Pierce was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor offense, and released on $1,000 bond.

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12 Comments on This Must Reflect Badly On Hillary, Right?

  1. Dude!!! I thought that was Ben Carson for a second. LMAO.

    “Simple Battery”. That sounds like he was called retarded. He should sue!!11!! Rayciss!!!

  2. The media will soon be reporting that Clarence Thomas assaulted a Bernie supporter with this guys photo and low info morons will believe it.

  3. Clinton is not responsible for:
    her incompetence
    Bill being a pervert and raping women
    Bill having sex with a whitehouse intern
    war against women
    Clinton foundation racketeering
    illegal acceptance of foreign campaign funds
    pay to play selling of contracts and grants
    Bill’s net worth at $80 Million
    Clinton foundation
    The Chelsea and Hillary Foundation worth
    Selling overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom
    murder of 100’s of thousands of unborn children
    pandering to black voters
    gun ban
    travel gate
    server gate
    secret e-mails on personal server
    killing the coal industry

    What her supporters actions have been is peanuts compared to felonious Hillary.

  4. “Mr. Pierce made no indication he was famous nor did the officer inquire”

    He’s honest. He isn’t famous.

  5. He played a great part in “The Wire,” also as Justice Thomas in “Confirmation.” I never woulda thunk that he’d be listing to port.
    I can’t fathom why success in America drives certain types to socialism?
    Do actors in socialist countries make millions? Or are they just treated as Court Jesters,? As they should be.

  6. He also did a great job as a high school music/band teacher in Treme, an HBO series about New Orlean’s post-Katrina. Great tunes on that show.

  7. I agree with anonymous. Atlanta is a democrat shithole. I lived 150 miles south of it and when the wind blows you can smell the entitlement.

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