This one goes out to GA Native

With a message that said, “Thoughts of you are going through my head at a rapid pace”.
Keep it here on KMJA for more uneasy listening.

20 Comments on This one goes out to GA Native

  1. Now imagine it on an AM radio in a 1977 chevy square body truck with the only speaker that works is that one in the dash that’s sun baked and destroyed.

    Your Welcome.

  2. Hell, just looking at that cheesy shit eating grin would also be enough to cause Martians heads to explode. Ol’ Slim must’ve been a dandy with those eyebrows and that pencil thin mustache. Mars Attacks rules! ACK, ACK, ACK!

  3. I could understand why Martians heads would explode…Even mine was starting to throb before I stopped it!

  4. I’m not kidding. I just hit play and my beautiful dog just perked her head up and was all, “WTF MJA?” LOL!


    Play it at 2x speed…

    Hey, great idea. I bet if you played it at 8x speed it would be so high pitched we couldn’t hear it, but it would annoy bats!

  6. Imagine someone calling a local country station and insisting they play their favor song, this is the one the ask for.

    No, I can’t imagine it either.


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