This one is almost too mean to post… almost

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  1. And That’s a flattering pic of Hildebeast. Maybe Bill kept her because she would share some of her girlfriends.

  2. At the doctor’s office, they have that picture of Hilary framed and handy in a drawer.
    If you take Viagra and experience one of those four-plus hour erections and go to the doctor, they whip out this picture, shove it under your nose and Poof!
    Instant success.
    It works so well that you won’t get another erection for weeks.

  3. The rapist hasn’t slept with his wife in decades. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him.

    (I would feel sorry for him if he was honest and loyal, but that’s never been the case.)

  4. @Ann Thracts

    My humor is so deep even my family yells at me for having a mean streak. Thanks for “getting” it.

  5. Bill appears to be scowling at the little fireman.
    Now he knows why it no longer puts out any fires.
    Just the thought of HRC makes him go limp.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Like dissolves like. When you become one (marriage) with evil, you commit to a satanic life.

    Bill did it for two things: power and pussy. In other words: vanity.

    Hillzebub and Billzebub, they are one.

  7. I always thought that Bill would have done much better to ditch Hillary as a lesbian, express his love for Monica and move along with her into the future. The American people would have been much more forgiving and his legacy would have endured relatively untarnished.
    But he wanted Hitlery, go figure.

  8. As long as we’re being cruel to Bill

    Willie Nilly, Big Mac and fries
    Porked the intern, made Hillary cry
    But when The Cong came out to play
    Willie Nilly ran away

  9. Men, here’s an experiment for you: Treat your wife/girlfriend like a goddess for just one week. If she starts to get suspicious and wonders what the heck you’re up to, don’t explain anything just keep up the neck messages, foot rubs and “that’s for the little things” kisses. I guarantee you that your wife/girlfriend will start looking like Melania Trump to you and you’ll start looking like Sir Galahad to her. Melania could have had and married anyone and she didn’t marry The Donald for his money. She’s Catholic and he had two strikes against him, so there’s only one explanation for the attraction.

    Poor billz and hillz — their corporate merger of a marriage is painfully self-explanatory. What a hot mess. She’s a bona fide Crooked Hag (at every age) and he’s a criminal sexual predator. Nothing good could come of it.

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